Friday, January 6, 2012


Content by Mitch Osborne

I have become obsessed with crafts this Christmas season. I am all about finding the best and cheapest way to make decorations for my home and gifts to give people. I have been looking on the internet and watching shows with craft ideas. I recently sent my husband to to look into getting satelite TV. I want as many craft channels as possible so I can always have something to watch on TV! I have found some interesting ideas. My favorite this year are my lighted Christmas trees on my front porch. To buy these in a store they are usually around fifty dollars. I made both of mine for about thirty dollars. They are actually tomato cages that you turn upside down and wrap with garland and lights. I stuck mine in the pots on either side of my front door and they look so pretty and classy. I also made my wreath this year. I used my new favorite material for Christmas: deco mesh. It is so easy to use and instantly looks great on a wreath!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Actos Lawsuit

I know several people who have diabetes. I feel for them when I hear how much their lives have been effected by it. It must be really difficult to find the right medicine too. I was recently reading a press release about Actos which is an oral diabetes medicine. It has been shown by recent studies to lead to serious injuries like heart attacks, heart failure, and an increased risk of bladder cancer, etc. This can result in an Actos lawsuit. Just note if you come across this medicine that Pioglitazone, the chemical name for Actos, was sold under the trade names Actos, ActoplusMet, Competact and Duetact. I'm really happy to have come across this info. I hope other people hera about it too.

Hard time sleeping...

Have you ever had a hard time sleeping? Lately I've been waking up frequently at night, and worst of all...I always have a neck ache in the morning. I don't have the best posture, and it gets to me at night and during the day. I really need a better pillow and can not find one for the life of me. I need something that's flat and firm. Hopefully I'll find one soon so I can stop wasting my money on the ones that aren't helping. It doesn't help that I'm pregnant and have a hard time getting comfortable anyways.

Where is summer going?!

This summer is just flying by. I can't believe August is almost here. As I walk through the stores, I see school supplies and it hardly seems possible. Is it really that time of year already?! Wow. Where do the months go? I feel like we haven't been able to enjoy the summer much because it's been sooo hot or raining out. The mosquitoes have also been really bad lately.

Chantix Lawsuit

There are times I'm leery of taking prescription medication. You just never know how your body will react to taking them. That's why it didn't surprise me to learn that in July 2009, the FDA issued a black box warning for Chantix. This is the agencies strongest warning. It was added due to public reports of side effects including depression, suicidal thoughts and suicidal actions. It's scary to think and read about this Chantix lawsuit, but at least they have warnings out there for people to be aware of. I know I'll be looking twice when it comes to medications...just to make sure there aren't any warnings.