Friday, March 30, 2007

Planning a vacation can be a very time consuming and overwhelming task for many people. Especially those who are also working full time and raising a family. I remember when I was younger, before we had the internet or computers, my mom would go to work during the day, and then come home at night for weeks and plan our family vacations. I never really thought much of it at the time, because that's just what I thought went into planning a family vacation. Now I see how much work she went to to plan these amazing vacations for us to go on and really appreciate all she did. It's a shame that back then we didn't have the resources we have the internet and great websites like My mom would have LOVED this back when she was planning all these big vacations, because it would have saved her so much time. She wouldn't have to sit at night and call around to motels and search for flights and car rentals, she could go to one site online and find it all! My parents still really like to travel, so I'm definitely going to be sharing this site with them. My mom will appreciate knowing that there's a wonderful site that will make making Hotel Reservations a piece of cake! She'll also like the fact that they have information regarding, motels, vacations rentals, resorts, car rentals, and flights!! It's also a big plus for anyone using this site to know that the prices offered are very competitive and discounts are offered on worldwide travel. So, if you're like me, and know someone who could really use a site to making their vacation planning easy and affordable, then I suggest you share this site with them. It's very easy to use and allows anyone to find great rates wherever they may be going. So stop stressing over vacation planning and making Hotel Reservations and check this site out today! This is a paid post.

Scott off work early

I'm happy today, because Scott gets to get off work early! I have a doctor's appointment that he's going to go with me to, so he's getting off work at noon. I always like it when he's able to get off work early...that gives us more time that we can spend together. It's makes for a nice long weekend together. It's also nice that he'll be here to go to my doctor's appointment with me. He's always so good to do things like that.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mother's Day Gifts

As many of you may know, Mother's Day is right around the corner. In fact, it's on May 13th! And, if you you're like me, you always want to find that perfect gift for your mom. I feel that over the past years I've given many nice gifts, and like to find things that are unique and personal to her, because it's a holiday where mom should feel special and know how much she is loved by her family members. I feel that a thoughtful gift can help to make each Mother's Day one to cherish for years. I recently came across a great site that helps make it possible for people like me who take much care in shopping for mother's day gifts to find a unique and personal gift. The Mother's Day Gift Shop at Collectibles Today offers the largest selection of exclusive Mother-themed gifts and gift ideas. In browsing this site I found that they literally offer hundreds of products that are specific to women (mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and granddaughters). The thing I enjoyed most about this site was that 99% of the things found on this site are not available anywhere else. I like this because, as I mentioned previously, I really enjoy finding things that are unique and not something that just anyone has. I also always like to personalize the gift when possible, and this site even does that! In fact, you can have jewelry gifts personalized for your mom. Some of the big gifts that are of interest to shoppers are Mother's Day Mother Daughter Gifts, the Mother's Day music boxes, the gifts that can be found for Grandmothers, and the jewelry which is outstanding! If you're looking for jewelry, you will find great pendants and rings. Another thing that I thought was really neat was that each product that can be bought on this site is inscribed with a nice sentiment, making it a very sweet and unforgettable gift. So, if you're still looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift, check this site out today. This is a paid post.

Tallest man in the world

I had no idea that the tallest man in the world is 7 ft. 9 inches tall!!! The only reason that I know this now is because he was all over the news and the internet because he got married to a woman who is 5 ft. 6 in. That's over 2 feet shorter than him. They had pictures available, showing these two people, and there is a HUGE difference in their height. This man is so tall...I don't even know how he gets around. It doesn't seem possible that he'd be able to fit in a vehicle, get clothing that fits, etc. It's just crazy.


Did you know that there are all types of insurance out there that are created to protect individuals and businesses? Until I recently came across a great insurance site about all kinds of insurance available, I had no idea that there were so many kinds out there! This site provides free insurance quotes for types like Florida Business Insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance, and so much more! They not only provide free inusrance quotes, but also go out and find agents, adjusters, and consultants in Florida and list of many other states. Having insurance is very important and it's important that you know the types of insurance that could benefit you and your loved ones. If you're interested, check this site out today to learn more. This is a paid post.

Another cloudy day

Well, today is another cloudy day outside. I looked out my window this morning and thought that it was another great day to stay indoors. The temps are still a little chilly, but not too bad compared to the winter temps that we had the past couple of months. The bummer was that on the forecast this morning I saw that we may be getting some snow next week. I'm hoping that it turns to rain, because I was just getting used to having this beautiful weather and warm temps outside.

Classifieds Listings

I recently came across a site that I thought many people out there would be interested in checking out as well. is a site that provides local classifieds listings in the UK. Not only does it offer classifieds listings, but they also have community websites, local weather, blogs, local news, free dating, and so much more!! The greatest thing about this site is that they offer free ads! That's right!! It's absolutely free to place an ad and picture, and it's so simple! There aren't too many places out there that allow you to place ads for free...this is a great deal! If you're interested in learning more about this great site, check them out today! This is a paid post.

New Updates

Well, PPP never fails to amaze me! They have come up with a number of updates to add to their site. For one, it seems they have made it much easier for those of us with lower pageranks to still get great paying opportunities. They also have given us a wider selection of badges to choose from to put on our sites. I really like how they're always coming up with new things to help out their bloggers! Thanks PPP!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Many of us may not know the effects that snoring might have on people. Recently I came across an interesting site, that sells CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines that helps to prevent snorers from dying or getting brain damage because of a lack of oxygen. After reading more about this, I was very interested and thought that it was a great thing for people who suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I was also amazed at the fact that there are lots of people who don't even know that they have a problem because they are undiagnosed. There are millions of people suffering who don't even know there's a problem or risk. My husband snore's a lot, and up until I read more about OSA, I didn't think much about it. It's scary to think of the dangers faced, like not waking up, lack of sleep, depression, etc! I'm definitely going to explore sleep apnea diagnosis in more depth, and look into this great machine! If you, or someone you know suffers from snoring and OSA, then I strongly suggest that you check this site out and learn more. It will definitely be worth your while and is very interesting and informative. This is a paid post.

This weekend

I'm excited because Scott and I haven't been back to Forest City much since we moved, and we get to go there this weekend. It's always nice to spend time with family and relax. They recently resided their house and got new windows, so I'm excited to see how different it looks. They went with a completely different color than what the house used to be and I'm anxious to see it.:) We're also excited to see my parents and their dog Zoe (we haven't seen any of them since they got back from Texas). We also get to go to the church that we grew up in on Sunday, which will be nice too. We'll get to see people we know, and visit a church that we both really enjoy attending.:)

NO-CRANK Hose Reels

There are now NO CRANK hose reels available. The difference with these hose reels is that they're powered by water and nothing else! Imagine how nice it would be to have a hose reel that offers a hands-free rewinding system of your garden hoses. I think it is a great thing and am glad that I found the only hose reel in the market that offers this great option. NO CRANK hose reels are available in many designs and help to make maintaining your lawn and garden less stressful and more enjoyable! Check this site out today to see what you think about the NO CRANK hose reel. This is a paid post.

Feeling Like Spring

I was starting to wonder if winter would ever end, and now I think it officially has! The weather has been really nice, warm temps in the 60's, and all the snow is gone! After we got back from the cities the snow was all gone, which was nice to see! We're excited for summer to be here and to enjoy the nice weather. Scott and I are going to start walking when we comes home from work because it's just been so pleasant outside lately! Although it has rained a bit, it's been very warm (not too hot, but not too cold either).

Green Cars

If there are more people like me out there, you may not have known about environmentally friendly green cars. I recently came across a great site that helped to educate me more on this topic of hybrid cars and I wanted to share it with all of you. Most hybrids use petrol combustion engines and electric motors. These cars operate more efficiently because the battery operates the car at low speeds, while the engine takes over at higher speeds. The combination of these two things helps to produce less CO2 and pollution, something very important in my opinion. With all of the pollution in our air today, it's nice to have a car out there that does it's part to help keep our air more clean. I really think that the hybrid vehicles are amazing! Environmentally safe cars, in my opinion are a necessity in today's world, where we're surrounded by pollution all around us, everywhere we go. I think that having more environmentally safe vehicles would help to cut down on the health issues that lots of people face, and would give us a safer world to live in. This site has a ton of information, not only on hybrid cars, but also electric cars. They have pictures of the different cars available and a large amount of information about each. Check it out today and see what you think about the these Green it a car that you would like to own? I know I would. This is a paid post.

Reality Television

I'm kind of bummed, because it's that time of year when all of my favorite shows are coming to an end. As I have discussed in previous posts, I really am a sucker for reality television and many of those shows are coming to an end next week. I recently realized this as I began to see commercials for the season finales, most of which are next week. Although I always look forward to every episode, I'm bummed that I have to wait until next season to see all of these shows again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Computer Rentals

In case you weren't familiar with, they are the leading company who offers San Diego computer rentals and laptop rentals, as well as audiovisual rentals, plasma rentals, Mac equipment, and so much more! They offer these things for corporate and special events, available in the U.S. and in Canada! Many companies in entertainment, technology, health care and other depend on CRE for their quick and reliable service, and their quality, cutting-edge technology rentals. They also have outstanding customer service. Check them out today and see what they're all about! This is a paid post.


I am a HUGE fan of the show FRIENDS!!! I own many of the season sets on DVD and try and watch any reruns that are on television. I'm very lucky, because tonight they've had many reruns on TBS!! It's been fun watching them tonight as I made supper, ate, cleaned, and now while I'm working on the computer. FRIENDS is a show that never will grow old, and one that I will never get tired of watching.:)

I really enjoy cooking! Do you, or someone you know enjoy cooking? Do you think that you or someone you know have some of the most outstanding recipes anyone has ever owned? If so then do I have an opportunity for you! is an online company that offers delicious and nutritious frozen meals, delivered to you right at home. That's right! It doesn't get much easier than that! They recently announced that they're having "A Taste of Home" recipe contest where people will be able to submit their favorite family recipes for soups, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, or desserts and have the opportunity to have one of their recipes produced by this company and used! The one thing to keep in mind when choosing a recipe is that your entry must be prepared, frozen and then rethawed, with good results. In submitting your recipes, you will even be eligible for a $200 gift certificate to! If you are interested in submitting your recipe and having it produced by the staff at, then go to their site today and get started. Recipe submissions will be accepted until May 15th and winners will be announced May 31st, so get started today! I am being paid for this post.


I'm so happy, because tomorrow my hubby and I get to go away for the weekend. It's been a while since we had the chance to just get away and not necessarily have any plans while we're gone. We just hope to relax, do some shopping at the mall of america, and eat some good food!!:) We really enjoy living where we do, because now a trip to the cities is not far at all..less than an hour and half! We're also excited because the motel we're staying in is very nice and we were able to get it at a great price off Hotwire.

Stone Hawk

Do you have a drug addiction, or know someone who does? If so, then I would like to share a great site that I came across today. Stone Hawk is a place that sincerely understands people who have had addictions, because they too have had addictions in the past. They have an extremely caring staff who who knows what drug addiction is like, and how important it is to get help. If you are interested in learning more about the drug treatment offered, Stone Hawk offers a great site with lots of information about their program. In fact, they give you the opportunity to download an information and even give their phone number if you'd like to contact them to get more information. If you are looking to help yourself, or someone you love, check them out today. This is a paid post.

1 more day more day til' we get to go to the cities and relax for a couple days! I'm SO excited. I've been feeling much better too, so I know it's going to be a wonderful weekend! We're both just so excited to get away and do a little shopping and spend some time together before Scott's busy season begins. YYYEEAHH!!:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mortgage Refinancing

Are you a homeowner and looking to lock into lower interest rates and save money on your loan? If so, then the following information may be of some interest to you. Mortgage Refinancing is a great way for you to get those lower interest rates and save money on your loan. My husband and I definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity, and I strongly suggest that you look into also. It doesn't matter where you live either because Personal Home Loan Mortgages offers California Mortgages, Florida Mortgages, and many others. Check them out today and see what you think. This is a paid post.

Rain and Lightening

I love it when rains at night. It makes it easier to sleep and just is a good reason to cozy up on the couch with a blanket for the night. Tonight it started raining more once it got dark, and now there is thunder and lightening. We haven't had a thunderstorm in quite sometime. This is definitely weather that tells me Spring is on it's way!


Even though Valentine's Day is over, it's always good to send flowers and gifts to those special people in your life. Flowerama in Indianapolis is a great place to go and find the perfect flowers, balloons, gifts, and so much more! They aren't just located in Indianapolis, but nationwide! Visit their site today, today and experience quality and outstanding service! This is a paid post.

It's already Wednesday

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! The weeks go by so quickly!! I'm just excited about this week because Scott and I have plans to go to the cities this weekend to relax and do a little shopping. It's not a big vacation or anything, but we don't get away too often, and we're very excited about it.:) I'm glad the weekend is finally should be a good time.

Real Estate in Reverse

When my husband and I were looking for a home, we went online to see what the various Real Estate sites had to offer. Unfortunately, we did not have much luck with the Real Estate sites that we checked out, but would have if we would have known about This is a site that I came across recently and wanted to share with all of you. Unlike most Real Estate sites, this one doesn't post properties for sale. Instead, it gives potential homebuyers the opportunity to post information on the characteristics they're looking for when shopping around for a home. I really thought this was a neat approach, because it not only gives the homebuyers a voice about what they want, but also gives sellers the chance to search for a buyer for their home, based on the characteristics they have to offer. It's a benefit to the seller because they're not having to spend any money on marketing. If you're interested in learning more, check them out today! This is a paid post.

Gloomy Day

Well, it looks like the weatherman was's definitely a gloomy day out there. I don't think that Scott is getting too much work done outside today, because it appears to have been sprinkling on and off throughout the day. It's extremely cloudy out, and becoming I wouldn't be surprised if there was more rain tonight. I guess rain is better than snow. I'm hoping we don't see anymore of the "white stuff" until next winter. Hopefully this rainy weather is a sign that Spring is coming.:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Portable Hard Drives

My husband was just telling me how all of my pictures on our computer are filling up our hard drive very quickly! I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do about it, but am very excited to tell him that I now have a solution. There's a device out there that is not only portable, but extremely small, affordable, and has 5 colors to choose from. Pexagon Tech is offering a new portable USB Hard Drive. This is the Store-It Colors line, and is the hottest new trend for anyone who has a computer! You can even personalize these portable drives by selecting your color, capacity, logo, etc. at no charge. And the best thing is there's no order minimum! If you're looking for a great way to backup those pictures and music files, then you should definitely check into this offer. I know it's definitely going to be something that I will talk my husband into buying for our computer. Check them out today! This is a paid post.

Feeling much better

I am feeling much better today. I still feel a little headache and light headedness when I stand up too quickly, but it's so much better than yesterday! Yesterday the thought of food made me feel sick, and I could barely do anything without my head pounding. It's good to have a pretty clear head and be able to get some things done around the house. The one thing I still have left to do are the bills, so I'm putting that off as long as I can, but I'm gonna have to get it done sometime today. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007


My husband I recently moved into a new home and would love to get a fireplace at some point. That's why I'm so excited that I came across a site that offers fireplaces and fireplace mantels. In checking it out I was very impressed with their selection and prices and wanted to share it with everyone. The feature that I liked best was "build your own fireplace". It's a really neat tool, that gives you the opportunity to build the perfect fireplace that suits your needs and taste. It's really easy too. You just pick the firebox, logs, mantel, and accessories and your fireplace is ready. I strongly recommend anyone looking to buy a fireplace to check this site out. I know that I'm going to recommend it to my parents, who have been looking for a fireplace for quite some time. Don't wait any longer, get the perfect fireplace today. This is a paid post.


I really have been struggling with a terrible headache all day today. I'm feeling ok otherwise, but as the day goes on, a bad headache can really make me feel pretty yucky! I haven't had much of an appetite and get light headed when I'm up for a long period of time. I'm hoping that I can fight this one off without taking anything for it...I don't like taking medicine unless I have to.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dr. Allen Gustafson

My husband graduated in sports medicine, so I hear about the important things to look for in a doctor and what qualities they should possess. Since I've heard so much about this, I was very interested in a site that I cam across recently. Gustafson Orthopaedics is a practice founded by Dr. Allen Gustafson. He created it in hopes to meet the needs of individual patients based on their personal circumstances, whether it be, physical, emotional or financial. He cares for his patients at wanted to have a joint treatments center that embodied his belief that personalized care is the best way to go. In looking over his site, I realized that he is the type of doctor that offers the qualities my husband often discusses. He has a dedicated staff who works with him to recommend effective treatment for their circumstance, offer patient education resources, provide surgical procedures, and a recovery program. Whether you're needing a Knee Replacement, or are looking for treatment for something else, I strongly recommend you check this site out. I am being paid for this post.

Sharing PPP with friends

I have enjoyed blogging for PayPerPost so much, that I am excited whenever anyone else wants to learn how to do it for themselves! It's such a great way to make money, that I want everyone to know about it. I recently shared this money-making opportunity with some good friends of ours and a few family members here in Minnesota. Everyone is so excited to get their blogs approved and begin making some serious money! It's just such a neat and easy way to work online. It's doesn't take long and anyone can do it.

Life Settlement Services

If you are a policyholder of life insurance, then this information is for you. Whether or not you're looking to sell your life insurance now, or in the future, there's a great site that can help you when you are ready get Life/Viatical Settlements! Secure Life Settlements is a company that works for you. They want to help people who are interested in selling their coverage, not only sell it, but get you the highest offers possible. They can help you get hundreds of thousands of dollars for your policy, unlike other insurers who offer much less. The great thing about this company is that they will get you a quote absolutely free! Searching out the highest offers costs you absolutely nothing! You're not obligated to move forward either. If you get your quotes back and decide against the sale, you can simply quit your search at that time at no cost. The other thing that I really appreciated about this site is how great it is set up. It's very easy to navigate and find what it is you're looking for. They have information about life insurance settlements, as well as a Q&A page, and easy-to-use Life Settlement Calculator. If you're interested in learning more, check them out today! This is a paid post.

Scott's job

I'm so happy that Scott loves his job so much. We moved up here and I figured he would, but it's just a relief that, now that he's used to it and comfortable, he still enjoys it so much! I never here him complain about having to get up early to go or anything. He's always in a good mood when he gets home too. It's great that he enjoys the people that he works with...that always helps! It just makes me happy. He deserves a job that he enjoys and likes going to everyday.

Watchfactory sale

Watches are a great way to add to any outfit you might be wearing, are a great gift as well! I recently stumbled across a site that offers a variety of watches at affordable prices and wanted to share it with everyone. is partners with and has a really great site. Watch Factory is actually offering 25% off all G-Shock watches. Not only are they offering a discount, they are also allowing free delivery to military addresses and extremely low shipping everywhere else. So, if you are looking for a new watch for yourself, or someone else, check this site out today. This is a paid post.


I talked with my parents a few times over their vacation and it sounds like they had such a wonderful time in Texas. They really enjoy traveling. I think that traveling is something that they would like to do once they retire. They really enjoyed seeing my brother and his wife, spending time with my little brother, and getting to go do some things in Texas that they've never done before. They got to go to a dinner show, a wax museum, Ripley's, and so much more! It really sounds like it was a lot of fun. Not only that, but it sounds like the weather was just beautiful which was nice for them, after all the snow and cold weather we've had here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I recently heard of StaphAseptic, which is a great pain-relieving wound treatment that can help to staph infection prevention, and protect your family from skin infections. It should be applied to new cuts, scrapes, or burns to kill the MRSA and Staph bacteria before the infection actually occurs. It's actually 99.9% effective. After learning about it, I decided to get some and try it on a cut that I had. I really liked that it came in a bigger tube than most topical antibiotics, and that it helped my wound. I also liked the convenience of being able to buy this product at local stores such as Walgreens, Kroger, and CVS. It's definitely a product that I will continue to keep in my home for myself and the rest of my family, and will be something that I recommend to others. Check it out today and see what you think about this great product that helps staph infection prevention! This is a paid post.

Paid Posts

It seems like whenever I'm just getting ready to start supper before Scott gets home, PPP puts lots of paid posts on their site. I'm happy that I'm finally getting some opportunities, but it's tough when it's such a busy time of night. Hopefully that will change, and will be able to get some of these posts earlier in the day.

Anonymous Emails, Chat & Text-Messages

I came across a really neat site today, and wanted to share it with all of you. Have you ever wanted to send Anonymous Email, or even chat, or text someone anonymously, but didn't know how? Well that's where can help. This is a site that allows you to send jokes, compliments, gossip, flirt, and so much more anonymously! That's right! You can now say and send the things you'd like and not have your identity known. If you're interested in learning more about this site, check it out today! This is a paid post.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Once again...

Once again, I'm sitting here trying to decide what to have for supper. Although I do have a list that I made to make it easier to decide on easy suppers during the week, I definitely still ponder supper ideas off and on throughout the day. I always want to make something that Scott likes, and that sounds good to me too. I guess I'll just have to go to the cupboards and see what I can find. I'm sure I can come up with something. :)

Projector Rental

Are you in need of a LCD projector for a business meeting, trade show event, wedding, party, or some other event? If so, then look no further, I have the perfect site for you! is a site that delivers projectors for rent anywhere in the US by FedEx. Using FedEx makes it very easy for the customer to return. If you never considered having a projector at an even such as a graduation party, sporting event, Super Bowl Party, etc. then now is the time to consider a projector rental. Projector rentals are great for this type of event to project video or presentations! Check this site out today to learn more. This is a paid post.


Now that Scott and I live in a house, we have a really big window in our living room. While we've been dogsitting Zoe, we've realized how much she likes it! She sits on the arm of the couch for hours and hours to make sure that she doesn't miss a thing! She goes absolutely crazy with excitement whenever she sees anyone outside, especially other dogs. haha It's so funny to watch her. :)

Optics Planet

Summer is right around corner, and sunglasses are a necessity! If you are looking for a great new pair of sunglasses, or even prescription eyewear, Safety Glasses, goggles, then do I have the site for you. is the leading supplier online of eyewear and sport optics. You are sure to find what it is you're looking for, whether it be a cool pair of designer sunglasses, goggles or eyeglasses, there is something for everyone's budget and taste. This site offers incredible quality with brands like Body Specs, Bobster, Wiley X, and so much more! Their prices are guaranteed to be the lowest, their customer service is outstanding, and they offer free UPS shipping on orders of $29.95 or more. You can't get much better than this. Get ready for summer and check it out today! This is a paid post.

So sloppy..

It is so sloppy outside! I can't believe how much mud and water there is where all the snow is melting. I'm not complaining though, because this means that the weather is warming up and spring is coming! It's just hard to keep Zoe from getting completely covered in mud when she goes out to go potty. Our driveway is very muddy and sloppy, and last night she was covered so we had to give her a bath. Now, today, I've been making sure to put her little socks on when she goes out so she doesn't get covered in mud again.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


For the past couple of years, while my husband worked in the cell phone industry, that's all I heard about. He always was talking about the new cell phones coming out and what the latest craze was. In fact, he always liked to buy the newest and latest model while he was working in cell phones. He really enjoyed that job a lot. He definitely peeked my interested about cell phones over those couple of years, and that's why this article about smartphones that I found today was of interest to me, and I thought might be to many of you as well. Wirefly, who is the number one seller of cell phones and plans, recently announced that there has been a tremendous growth in the sales of smartphones. In fact, they said that in the first quarter of 2007, their sales grew 70% from last year! They also released the list of the top 5 smartphones according to Wirefly. This was a very informative site and I recommend that you check it out today to learn more. This is a paid post.

What to have for supper?

What to have for supper? I frequently ask myself this question, now that I am home and try to have supper on the table when scott comes home from work. It helps now that I've acquired a list of things to make, it makes it easier for me to choose, rather than trying to think up something off the top of my head every night. Tonight I'm thinking Lasagna! I suppose if that's the case, I best be getting started.:)

Time Management Site

Time management can be a difficult thing to attain, and that's why there is now a website out there to help. It offers resources for personal and career success by making a variety of things available such as time management tools, articles, and so much more. The thing that's so nice about this site is the information is free and there for anyone to read and utilize. They also offer information on classes and books that can help you to improve your time management skills as well as your quality of life by learning more about it. I really liked how easy this site was to navigate. It's set up in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to find exactly what it is they're looking for. If you're looking to change they way you manage you're time, check this site out today. This is a paid post.

Almost done

My husband is really excited because he's almost done taking these tests that he has to take for work. He just has sone more left, and plan on taking it tomorrow at the courthouse. He said that it will just feel good to get all of that stuff out of the way so he can solely concentrate on work and what he's doing there. He's very excited that he's almost done taking these tests...because he's never really liked taking tests much so it will be a good feeling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Area Rug Blog

I absolutely love area rugs because they can accent any room and any type of decor that you may have. The only problem that I have, is that I don't know a whole lot about area rugs. I'm never sure if there are ones that are better than others, etc. That's why I was very excited to come across an Area Rug Blog, full of expert information about them, and wanted to share it with all of you! This site is really cool, and very easy to use. They not only have information on area rugs, but lots of other rugs as well. This site is basically trying to help rug buyers, buy the right way. They are helping us get the best rugs for the best prices, and offering lots of information about rugs that we may not know. I found this Area Rug Blog to be very interesting and you may too. Check them out today and see what you think! This is a paid post.

What to eat?

I'm trying to decide what to make for supper?!? Scott and I are running to his dad's house tonight when he gets home from work, so I'm trying to think of something quick and easy that I can make. I think I may have to go with tacos or even a frozen pizza, those are really quick and easy suppers, and Scott's always up for tacos or pizza.:)


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I went into the bank this morning to do something very quick, and ended up staying there for nearly a half hour. When I went in they looked at our account and said that they could do some enhancements at no charge. Basically this is an advantage to us because it allows to get free checks and do other types of programs for free if we choose. Although I am happy that the change was made and that I am now more well informed, I wish I would have known that my quick trip to the bank would not be so quick.

Manhattan Comedy School

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The dog

My parents dog has been so nice to have around lately! She keeps me company while Scott is at work. She seems to be enjoying her stay with us, but is still getting used to having all the construction people around all the time. They're always pounding and making a lot of noise, but since I'm here with her, I think it's better. If she were home with my parents while their siding was being put on, she would be even more scared because she'd be there alone. She's really a great dog...I could keep her even longer.:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


If you don't know what a keylogger is, it's a program that can be put on to computers, at home or in the office, to log the things being done on that computer. It monitors and records information like e-mails, chats, IM's, websites visited, passwords and much more. If you haven't already realized, a keylogger can be a very beneficial tool to many people. There's so much out there, especially on the internet, and it would be a great way for parents to keep track of what their kids are doing on the computer. It's not only beneficial to parents, but also employers who want to monitor and make sure that their employees are following the companies policy regarding internet use. If you are interested in learning more, check this site out today! This is a paid post.

Went for a drive

Since we moved I haven't really gone many places on my own. I'm usually busy doing things at the house and really have no reason to go out and about. Today I had a meeting with our auto insurance agent out of town though, so I got to go for a little drive. With the weather being much nicer, it was nice to get out and go somewhere. I even took Zoe with me. She loves to go for rides.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Return Address Labels

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I'm excited because Scott is finishing up the painting today! I'm really anxious for our basement to get finished, and besides the carpet not being laid yet, it's starting to really come together. It'll be nice when we can spend some of our time down there too! Hopefully it will get done here in the next couple of weeks.

Coupon Codes

Shopping is something that I really enjoy doing, but it can get so expensive at times. That's why I always try to find sales and coupons when available. If you are like me, and love to shop, but like to find deals with coupons, then do I have the site for you! is a site that offers online coupon codes to all of your favorite online stores! I have many favorites to shop at, but having been a preschool teacher recently, I would have to say that the Oriental Trading Company is one of my favorites! It is a store where I found many things for my classroom at reasonable prices and great savings with the coupon codes. Check them out today and start saving! This is a paid post.

White Out

I knew the weather was going to change today, but I had no idea it was going to get this bad. Scott didn't end up having to go to work because of the weather, so we took a nap. When we woke up, we looked out the window it's like white out conditions. The visibility is very limited...not a good day to be out and about. I heard that we're supposed to get another 17 inches! I guess we'll wait and see.

Review a Song

As someone who is strong in my Christian Faith, the type of music that I listen to is something that is given great consideration. All that we listen to in our household is Christian music, whether it be Christian CD's or Christian radio, it's always on. It's so uplifting and gives us time to worship and remember what God has done, and does do for us. I was really happy to come across a website that offered music by the christian singer, Jeff Childress. He has a number of Christian songs on there, and it's always fun to find new means to listen to Christian music. After listening to a number of his songs, I found them to all be along the lines of what I would listen to, very upbeat and inspirational. I would say my favorite song is God Gave me a Song. It's words are powerful and really make you think. I would definitely recommend this song, and this entire site for that matter. Check it out today. This is a paid post.

Mom and Dad's Puppy

Well it's been about a week that we've had Zoe and she's been so good! I didn't know how she would react, being away from her "mommy and daddy", but she's been really good. I think it helps that I'm home all day with her pretty much, so she's not alone a whole lot. She's even been sleeping through the entire night without waking us up. She goes under our bed, and doesn't come out til' about 7:00. I really enjoy having her here...I like puppy sitting.:)