Saturday, February 28, 2009

Allegro Medical

The Internet is an amazing thing. It gives us access to so many wonderful opportunities, especially that of shopping online. Now you not only can find clothing and other items, but also medical necessities. Allegro Medical is a website founded 13 years ago who serves 1 million customers currently! They are the largest and most technologically advanced independent online retailer of life enhancing products in the US. They offer everything from Exercise & Fitness Equipment and Nutritional Dietary Supplements to Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear. That's a pretty wide range, and one I appreciate them having. Whether it's eye charts you're looking for or shower chairs...they have it all. Check out their site for more info today.

Baby Signing

For a while there we couldn't find Kaelyn's, Baby Signing Time video. When she was just a little baby, she loved it, so when we found it again I was curious to see how she'd like it still. After one time watching it again, she was doing many of the signs that she hadn't done before yet. She absolutely loved it, and enjoys any time we let her watch it. Now she walks around signing baby (as well as saying it of course). It's neat to see her learning new things.

Uncle Jake Visiting

My brother is here visiting this weekend and we couldn't be happier. It's always fun to have him here. Kaelyn loves it too! She enjoys seeing her Uncle Jake. All she's done since he got here is hang around him, and when he's not in the room she asks "where's Jakey?". :) He took a couple days off from work, so he will be here til' Monday which will be nice. It gives us a chance to spend time with him, and him a chance to relax on his vacation a bit.

Winter Vacation

Ah, to have a winter nice would that be?! I know my first choice would probably be somewhere like the Karisma hotels. I recently read a press release about them and was very impressed with all they had to offer. They are located on the Mexican Riviera Maya and are extremely nice. Not only do they offer a gourmet inclusive concept, great for all you foodies out there, but also an elite service and many wonderful accomodations. You'll love knowing that they have bar swings, snap-to-service, beach beds, swim up rooms and so much more! I for one would love to plan a vacation here one sounds absolutely incredible and so relaxing. You should check them out. It would also make a great honeymoon vacation.

Purchasing Real Estate

My brother is in the process of buying a condo. It's been quite the process for him...after a week, he still doesn't know if the place will be his or not. The sellers are uneducated about the process of selling, and don't have a very experienced Realtor guiding them. This has caused for a very stressful counter-offering time and has my brother just wanting to know if the place is his or not. Buying a home is never an easy process, but I wish that it would have gone smoother for him the first time. I'm sure everything will work out in the end though, and all this will be well worth it!

Is it Spring yet?

I'm definitely thinking it's time for Spring! How about you?! We have family who lives in Texas, and they were saying that it's already been 80 there! They're outdoors wearing shorts and tank tops, while we're inside bundled under blankets to keep warm. And when we do go outdoors, we're slipping and sliding on ice! Winter has been quite long this year...not to mention bitter and bringing us way too much snow! I'm ready for some warmer weather that I can take Kaelyn out in. Hopefully within the next month we'll start to see the temps rise a bit.

Monex Deposit Company

Anyone who has never heard of Monex Deposit Company before, really should check them out. Through them, you can purchase silver, gold bullion and other precious metals for investment purposes. Who better to do this through than Monex, as they are America's gold, silver and precious metals investment leader and have been for over 30 years! I know that this is a company I'd like to do business who's trusted and experienced. They make it simple for you to purchase, and allow for immediate delivery to you or a safe storage place of your choosing. If you'd like to learn more about them and all they can offer you, head over to their site today for more information.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meeting Our Realtor

Yesterday we had a visit from our Realtor who will be listing our house once we're ready to sell. She did a walk through, just to let us know what she thinks we could change before listing it, as well as the price she thinks we can sell for. Overall it was a very informative meeting and has me feeling a little less stressed about the selling process. The whole buying and selling at the same time has me feeling a little overwhelmed, but all in all I think it's a good decision and process which will go smoothly.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun at Grammy and Grampa's!

Kaelyn and I have sure had a good time staying here with my parents over the past couple of days. Scott is gone for work, so we'll be here a few more. It's sure nice to have company and spend time with them while he's gone. They're such a big help with Kaelyn too, which is great!! Kaelyn enjoys spending time at Grammy and Grampa's house. There's so many fun toys and things for her to do. One of her favorites so far has been the bubble blower Grammy got out the other day. She'd never played with bubbles, so this was quite the experience for her! Pretty exciting!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time. Would you agree??! I remember having the help of my mom with mine...but it was still overwhelming at times to hash out all the little details. It's the little things that you can't do until the wedding is really close...that's what is so stressful! At the time I used for some resources, and am glad I did. However, I wish that I would have utilized their services even more! Having a place to go that can give local wedding resources like Local Wedding Vendors, venues, photographers, florists and more is amazing. Any bride to be should look into this. You won't be sorry you did! I know I'm not.

Selling on Ebay

Scott and I have been doing a little business on eBay lately. It's allowed us to make some extra money, but isn't all it's cracked up to be...that's for sure. We're going to keep doing it, because some money is better than none...however, we're very disappointed with the amount of fees they take. Between them and Paypal...we end up getting about 50 percent of what we should have gotten. I understand they need to run a business, but some of their fees almost feel like robbery. Oh I said, at least we're making something.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get Low Rates and High Loans Fast

With the economy struggling, it's time for us all to find people we trust when making personal finance decisions. It's important to be smart with our money, as things are tough right now for most of us. is a site I came across and they offer a free consumer loan website that helps to assist people like you and me with finding the best credit products. I like having a company that I can trust to give me the best advice and products to use, especially in this difficult time in our economy. If you're looking for the lowest rates and the highest loan amounts and getting them faster than ever, you definitely should check out their site today.

Kaelyn is 15 months!

Well....I can't believe it, but our little girl is 15 months old. She turned 15 months on the first of February, but it didn't actually sink in until we went to her 15 month appointment yesterday. I had actually been looking forward to this appointment, as it's always fun to see how much she's grown from the last time. Since November, Kaelyn had grown nearly 2 inches and gained 1 1/2 pounds. After every appointment I always enjoy looking in my own baby book to see how big I was. Turns out she's very close in size to what I was at that age. I was about a 1/4 pound less than her, and a 1/2 inch taller. Her next appointment is in May, so it will be fun to see the changes between now and then too.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Perfume Talk

As Scott and I walked through the store yesterday, I couldn't help but stop and smell the different ones they had sitting out. I'm always looking for a new scent or brand that I could try. I have to admit that I am a little picky though, and often think that the scents are too "floral" smelling. Some people really like this, but for me it's my least favorite scent. I prefer something more subtle and unique.

Over the years I've tried many different perfumes, but always seem to comes back to the same one. Beautiful by Estee Lauder is my ABSOLUTE favorite. It smells great and lasts all day. It's a bit expensive, but the quality and quantity that you get is well worth the money! If you've never tried it, you really should. One great option to learn more about perfumes is to read reviews online. Isn't technology wonderful?!? I recently came across a very informative perfume blog that offers reviews and information that can help to make buying decisions easier for those searching. Check it out if you have time, it's a great site!

The Bachelor

I don't know about anyone else...but I am hooked on the bachelor this season. I kind of took a break from the show for a while, but now am hooked for some reason. I just am so interested in what's going to happen each show. I'm looking forward to the show tonight, as there are fewer girls left and it's getting more intense. It's nice that Scott will watch it with me even though it's not his favorite thing to's great to have that time to spend with one another.

Find New and Unlocked Cell Phones

When Scott started his new job...he found that although he would have his cell phone plan paid for, he would have to provide the cell phone. That was ok with him, as he's always had a love for cell phones and knows exactly which one he wants. Unfortunately the one he wants is a little bit more expensive than we would like, so he's been saving over the past few months. He's been looking around and found some of the best deals over at the Gadget Circle website. Have you ever checked it out before??

Gadget Circle is a site which offers new and unlocked cell phones for great prices. I checked it out and really like the user friendliness of the site as well as the ease of navigation. The categories are listed along the left column, so finding what you're looking for really takes no time at all. For instance, Scott knew that he was interesting in looking through the brand new and unlocked blackberry phones offered, so he simply clicked on the Blackberry category and found everything he needed. He's quite the cell phone savvy guy....and he will attest that this is a site worth checking out!


We sure had a nice weekend. It's always great to see our families and to have time to spend together at home. We had a relaxing day on Saturday, and Sunday my parents watched Kaelyn for us while Scott and I went to the movie Taken. It was a great movie, and was fun to have a date again! I'm thankful that our parents live so close and can do this every once in a while. They sure enjoy it too! They took Kaelyn around the mall...which she absolutely loved. She kept them busy, but they had a blast! I'm sad that the weekend is already over, but am happy that there's only 5 more days until another one. :)