Saturday, April 30, 2011

My third concert ever, at almost 30 years old

My third concert ever, at almost 30 years old

Guest Posted by Roland Hyde

I am not a concert person and I don't have a huge love for music, but I have a few artists that really make me feel the messages behind their songs and P!NK is on of them and her concert was awesome! I got all my stuff together; purse, money, camera and tickets, and when my friends got to my place so we could all take one car, I set the home security alarm (Adt home security prices Ohio) and we were out the door.

On the drive to the venue, we played songs from the multiple P!NK albums I own and we all sang at the top of our lungs. We were so excited! It was a fairly short drive, probably about a half hour, but it took much longer once we got there because the line to get into the parking line was so long.

Finally after parking the car and hiking to the entrance of the building, we got some drinks when we were inside and then went to find our seats. We had a great view of the stage and I took a test picture before the concert started so I knew how the pictures were going to come out. We were just close enough to get really good pictures.

This was the third concert I've been to in my life and so worth the price we paid and I will see her next time she is in town.