Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking A Trip To See Grandpa

Taking A Trip To See Grandpa

I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

While many people will take a trip to see parents or other relatives, I try to take a trip to see my grandfather. He recently just turned 90 so the amount of time that he has left is starting to dwindle. Since it is becoming so short I always try to talk to him or visit him once a year and the holidays are going to be the best time to see him. However, he does live quite a distance away so it does make it hard to see him.

When I go to see him I know the trip will be long and often can be boring for children. However, I know that they love the trip just by the joy that I can see in their faces. The main problem that I have is trying to keep them entertained, but with the advent of some of the modern electronics that are portable I am starting to have an easier time keeping them entertained.

Once I arrive I call the neighbors to check on the house to ensure that everything is okay with it. However, I know that if the home had been broken into I would have gotten a call from the security company because I remembered to set the home security alarm systym by ADT security before I left on the trip with my wife and kids.