Thursday, January 29, 2009

Capella University

I have always considered going back to school. If I did however, it would have to be from I would not give up being home with my daughter. That is my first priority. Furthering my education is something I think would be good though, and in looking through different online college, Capella University caught my attention. They offer many degree programs for those seeking both undergraduate and graduate degrees. They are becoming more and more well known and are said to have very high quality education offered there. In fact, many of their students go on to do great things from there, like Jeannie McGuire for instance. She is the founder of Project Unity and also a former master's student. She was awarded the Sunny Andrews Award for commitment to social work by the ASWB. Quite impressive if you ask me. It really makes me want to look into Capella even more and see all that they could have to offer me when it comes to online college courses.

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American Idol

Is there anyone who gets into American Idol like I do?? I just love it. I used to like the beginning of the season the most...when everyone is trying out to make it to Hollywood. each year passes, I've also enjoyed watching further into the season and seeing who makes it in the top 12 and so on. By the end I always have a favorite and am cheering them on all the way. I'm curious to see how this year is going to I can tell there are many terrific singers. I guess we'll see....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Trip

Tonight we've decided that we'll go stay with my parents. Scott leaves tomorrow morning really early for a couple of days...So Kaelyn and I thought it would be nice to see my parents and have some company while he's gone. It's also a closer drive for Scott from where they live, so that's nice too. I'm looking forward to it too. All day long, Kaelyn has been saying "papa" and "mayme" for Grampa and I know she's excited!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Make Money Scanning Products

I recently looked into doing this thing where a company sends you a barcode scanner and you scan the groceries you buy. It's a way to monitor what people are buying and use to gather data. They pay you too...which is neat. Unfortunately I don't think I meet the criteria at this time to join, but I do think it would be fun. My Grandma does it and really likes it. It's not a way to get rich quick, but is a great way to make some extra cash I guess.

Allegro Medical

Since 1996, Allegro Medical has been one of the largest independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products like medical equipment and home health care supplies. They now serve over 1 million customers and continue to grow. I can see why as they have a great deal to offer. Their products range from Exercise & Fitness Equipment, Nutritional Dietary Supplements, Maternity/Baby Supplies and Outdoor Gear. That's a lot of products to choose from. If you check out their website, you'll see that they actually offer 55,000 products and you can search through 50 categories which makes finding what you need even easier. Check it out when you have a's such a great site and you'll be happy you did, especially if you're looking for electrodes.

Tax Time

It's the middle of January and before yesterday we still hadn't received any tax documents in the mail. I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to come, but then yesterday we got quite a few. It's kind of a stressful time of year. I really don't enjoy the whole taxes thing and always stress out about making sure we have all the documents we need and all the paperwork. Oh always comes and goes and turns out fine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inaguration Signs

I don't know about you, but I decided to watch the Obama Inauguration today. Whether you voted for him or not, it's still a big day in history which is very special. I saw many people there with Inauguration rally signs and thought it would be fun to see if they have commemorative ones online. I found obamainagurationsigns. They have 2009 Obama Inauguration Rally Signs. What's great is, if you don't want the Obama signs, you can also get the John McCain/Sarah Palin Campaign Rally Signs. I thought it was neat that they offer a variety. You can get them for 9.99 each with free shipping. You can with paypal or Google checkout. Check out their site for more information.

What a joy!

I'm so glad we have a daughter who naps so well!! She's always laid down pretty well whenit's tha time of day. I lay her down at noon and she typically sleeps til' two. It's a great couple of hours for me to get things done around the house and online. She's such a good little girl...we're truly blessed!! What a joy she is!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Anyone who enjoys traveling has probably heard of Karisma before. They are a selection of hotels along the beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya and have a great deal to offer anyone who is looking to take a fun and relaxing family vacation. Their gourmet inclusive concept is something that really caught my attention, but they also have many wonderful luxurious accommodations like beach butlers, swim up rooms, hot tubs and so much more! I don't know about you, but with the bitter cold weather we've been having, this kind of relaxing vacation with snap to service sounds great! You can learn more about their desitnation if you're interested in going there yourself.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking a lot

Kaelyn sure has been walking well these days. She's really getting the hang of it and is keeping us quite busy. She's even learned to get up from a sitting position on her own which is fairly impressive as well. It's really assisted her in the process and we haven't seen her crawling at all anymore. It's very cute. It hardly seems like such a little person should be walking around, but I guess seeing as how she is 14 months it's a typical time to start. Soon I have a feeling she'll be running all over the place.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Scott will be home tomorrow from his week long training for work. Kaelyn and I are really looking forward to having him home again and getting to see him. A week is sure a long time to be away from each other. It sounds like he's enjoying it and is learning a lot of things, but would like to get home as well. Hopefully we can just have a relaxing weekend at home out of the cold and winter weather. We'll see if that's possible...usually something comes up though.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monaco Rare Coin

Monaco rare coin is a part of Monex, which is a company I'm sure many have heard of before. They are a leader in the investments of precious metals and have been for almost 40 years. They have helped many people and are trusted for the services and products they provide. I was quite impressed as I learned more about them. Monaco Rare Coin is trusted as well. They offer unique resources for investors and collectors who are interested in rare coins. They actually have quite the website if you'd like to check it out for more information. It's very user friendly and easy to navigate. If you'd like to learn more about them head over there today.

Kaelyn's Schedule

I'm so glad Kaelyn takes naps so well. If she didn't, I don't know how I would ever get anything done during the day. She lays down so matter where we're at and sleep for quite some time. At night she sleeps great too. We got her on a schedule when she was fairly young and it was the best thing we could have done. To have a routine has been a lifesaver and not only makes for a happier baby, but more organized parents as well.

Pets in the Family

Scott and I do not have any pets, however my parents and siblings do. Mom and Dad have had Zoe for about 7 years now and she's a wonderful dog!! She's a sweet Bichon whose cuddly and very well trained. We enjoy dogsitting her when my parents are away. Kaelyn likes it she and Zoe get along so well. Zoe is her "Pukitty" as Kaelyn would say. :)


Then, a few months ago my little brother got a kitty. He lives on his own and Mylie has been a great addition to his household. She is very sweet and is wonderful company. I had never had much experience with cats before, but from the little time that we've gotten to see her and psend time with her she seems well behaved and quiet. She loves Jake and loves to cuddle him whenever she gets the chance! :) Kaelyn really likes Mylie too! She her "kitty, kitty, kitty".


My twin brother and his wife have been wanting a dog for quite some time. They live in an apartment though, and had to get approval before getting one. Once they got the "ok" they did some searching and found the perfect match to their family....Wall.e! He is an adorable cocker spaniel and sounds like a sweetheart. (we haven't met him yet, but hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to!) Our little nephew, Emry, loves to play with him and give him lots of hugs and kisses.

It's fun to have new "additions" to our family. I don't think Scott and I will be getting a pet anytime soon, but it's fun to see the pets our family members have from time to time. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beauty Jobs

Beauty Jobs are those which seem to be more and more popular these days. I can see why. They offer stability and excitement. The nice thing is the schedule that one can have in a job like this. Are you someone who is interested in finding a job in this career? If so, you may want to check out They are a website that help people fine the salon and spa jobs they are looking for. This service is free and a perfect way to help both job seekers and employers. If you'd like to learn more about, you check out their site today. It's very user friendly and easy to navigate. You won't be sorry you did.


It's so nice to have Kaelyn on a good schedule. She knows when it's time to eat and when it's time to sleep. She lays down so well for bed and is just the best little girl. We got her on a schedule when she was quite young and in no time she got used to it and has adjusted well. It's so nice having her on a predictable schedule and one we can work around. Waking up at 8 and going to bed at 8 really makes it nice for Scott and I too. We get our work done around the house in the mornings and after she goes to bed and have time to spend together as well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Perpetual Diamonds

I don't know about you, but I love jewelry...especially diamonds...what girl doesn't, right?? I even shop online every once in a while for it and recently happened to come across Have you ever been to this site? I hadn't, and am very imrpessed with all they have to offer after browsing for a while. What's so great about them you ask? Well, first of all they offer a risk-free shopping experience where people can purchase with a transaction that is 100% insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. When shopping online this is so important...I always want to know that I'm getting exactly what I ordered. Knowing that authenticity is guaranteed is so comforting, don't you think?! THey also allow you to return anything that you're not completely satisfied with within 7 days for a full refund or 30 for an exchange.

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Fun Day!'s amazing how quickly the time goes by when you have things to do outside of the house. I had a dentist appointment so Kaelyn and I got up early, went to FC and spent the afternoon. My mom was kind enough to keep an eye on Kaelyn while I got my teeth cleaned and they had a great time!! We then ate lunch and hung out for a while. It was nice to get out and have a fun day outside of the home. With the cold weather we don't get that opportunity as often as we would like. The day went by quickly, but it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Designer Jewelry

I'm sure anyone who enjoys Designer Jewelry has heard of Holsted Jewelers?!! I know I have. They provide designer jewelery, gifts and accessories for many who have been completely satisfied with their services and their craft. They actually shipped 15 million products in the last 5 years. Now that's what I call success!! Their products must meet very high standards which is one of the reasons they have such a wide customer base. If you're looking for quality, affordable jewelry, either for yourself or someone else...this is the place to look. Check out their site today for more information. You won't be sorry you did.


Who would have thought that the common cold could make someone feel so miserable?!! Kaelyn and I both have been fighting this cold...runny nose, achey muscles, sore throat....for a while and it's really starting to get old. I am very anxious for it to be done with. This is no way to start out the new year. Thankfully it's nothing compared to the stomach flu we had last week though...that was bad!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Entertainment Center

Scott and I recently bought a Wii. We really like it and it has us thankful for the tv furniture we bought a while back. Our entertainment center is large enough to hold it, our TV, VCR and sound system. It helps to eliminate clutter and keep things more organized. With a baby around the house and a lot of's nice to keep organization where we can. That's for sure!! Thankfully there are people out there who create furniture with parents like us in mind.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shopping Online

Nowadays guys have it pretty easy when it comes to researching engagement rings. When Scott bought my engagement ring years ago...he and my mom went from jewelry store to jewelry store looking for the perfect ring. I still think it's necessary to go to the store and make the final purchase...but the internet is such a nice resource for those wanting to research and browse. It's nice that people have this option and luxury these days.

Family Time

What a great holiday we had with family. We started out celebrating with Scott's side of the family, and then headed to mine. It was fun seeing everyone...however, unfortunately many of us got the stomach flu...including poor Kaelyn. She is still struggling with that and her poor teeth. I feel bad for her. It's been a lot of fun seeing everyone, but I wish we had all felt a bit better. Oh well. There's nothing we could do and we made the best of it.