Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Knot

Planning a wedding can sure be a lot of work. I mean, between picking out the dress, picking a date and finding all of those fun little things that detail a wedding so perfectly makes for a very time consuming task! That's where The Knot Wedding Shop comes to the rescue. This is a great site that helps those who are planning a wedding make sure that they can find all the supplies that they need. They have unique wedding favors, wedding cameras, ring pillows, personalized gifts, cake toppers and so much more!! I was looking through some of their supplies and was just amazed!! I wasn't only impressed with all they had to offer, but also with their prices as well!! If you're looking for a great place to find wedding supplies, this is definitely your one-stop-shop!! Take a look today and see what you think!!

Will I know??

All I've read and heard throughout my pregnancy is that the number one question that first time moms have is: "will I know when go into labor". It sounds like a silly question, but being someone who's pregnant for the first time and due with our baby at any's definitely one that passes through my mind as well. Whenever people here you ask this question...they say, "you will just know". I am sure after having the baby, I will say yeah..."I definitely shouldn't have worried about that because I knew for sure when I was going into labor"...but never having gone through it before I just can't help but wonder "if I will truly know". I guess I just have to keep watching for the signs that everyone speaks of and hope that helps me know when it is time.:)

Online Casinos

With the popularity of the internet these days...a person can almost find anything that they are looking for at a click of a button. I recently heard that there are now actually online casinos where people can go and play the games that they love. I thought this was a great idea...especially for those of us who'd rather not go to a casino with the mobs of people! The one thing I was thinking though, is that the internet is a huge place...and it must be hard to find an online casino that suits you best. Well, although this is true, I found a great site that was thinking of this way before me!! is an online casino review site. They make it possible for people to check out casinos that others have reviewed...making it simple to find one that they are interested in checking out. I thought this was much easier than surfing the web for hours on end!!

Meeting our little one...

Well, here we are...less than 24 hours until I get induced. We're SO excited and can't believe that tomorrow morning...bright and early...we will be heading to the hospital!! It doesn't hardly seems possible. Having this baby is such a surreal thing for us. What a miracle and blessing from God!! I just can't wait to meet him/ will be the greatest moment in the world! Hopefully today goes by quickly so tomorrow will be here even faster....hehe:)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Online Casinos

I coming to realize that online casinos are becoming more and more popular among people these days. I can see why though...I mean how convenient to be able to gamble form the comfort of your own home?!? I think it's great that so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Now we don't have to go to those crowded casinos where every machine is taken. We can sit at our computer and have more fun playing the games we love!! The only thing with the internet is that it would take forever to find the games that you want to play. That's where comes into play. They make it possible for people to find safe and secure online casinos through use of their ranking system. It's so easy to find the games that you like with their nicely laid out site. It's so easy to use, so you don't waste any time browsing the web for hours on end looking for the online gambling destination that suits you and your taste best. If you'd like, take a look at their site and see what you think. I have a feeling you'll like what they have to offer, as it's very easy to use and navigate!!

Grocery Shopping

I'm not really looking forward to it...but Scott and I really need to go and get some groceries tonight. I'm getting induced on Thursday morning, which means that only leaves us today and tomorrow to get them. I am thinking tonight would be a good night, just because tomorrow night I think we will be getting things ready to go to the hospital. Hopefully it doesn't take us too long I'd really just like to take some time and relax before the BIG day.:)


I'd love to plan a vacation to Orlando sometime soon. I just love going there. There's so much to do and it's also very relaxing!! I'm think that when I finally do get around to planning a little get away, I am going to use to help me in finding the best prices on orlando vacation rentals, flights and even car rentals. It would be nice to get all of this taken care of before we go once we're there we can just enjoy ourselves and the many things that they offer vacationers like entertainment, dining, nightlife and so much more!! If you're interested in planning a trip to Orlando...take a look at next time.

Cell Phones

What would we do without cell phones?!? I often ask myself this question and don't know what we did without them in the past. For my husband and I we use them as our main phone line and it works out pretty well. Most everyone is with our same carrier so pretty much every call we make is free! I can't imagine what it would be like without our cell phones. I have mine wherever I go!!

It's CoLd!!

Lately it's seemed colder in our house than it has outside!! I don't know why this is, but it's really not fun to be in a house that's so cold all the time. I haven't really wanted to turn on the heat all that much, because I know that outside it's not that cold...upper 60's I think. This morning I finally gave in and turned on the heat. Once it warmed up I turned it back off I could tell I was then going to get way too warm. It feels perfect in here now that the cold is gone. Hopefully it stays that way?!

Attention All Candy Lovers!

I don't know about you...but my favorite part about Halloween is all the yummy candy!! I typically don't partake in eating too much of it...especially because it's so expensive to buy!! I did happen to stumble across a great site that though, It's a bulk candy store online that offers all of the candy that so many adore!! The best part is that they offer it at very affordable prices and it allows me to shop from the comfort of my own home! I was amazed at all they had to offer. It doesn't matter if you're looking for vintage candies, or more traditional candy bars like the Butterfinger...they have it all!! I strongly urge any candy lover out there to check out this site today!

Halloween Costumes

I love this time of year. I mean, I'm not the type of person that really gets into Halloween or anything...but it does bring back some fun memories of trick or treating with my family. The one thing I always remember having to do was bundling up really warm. During this time of year here where we gets VERY cold, especially at night. We would have to wear our winter jackets and sometimes snowpants under our costume. It made for a pretty bulky look...but we managed and stayed warm.haha

Monday, October 29, 2007


Have you ever heard of Hoodia before? I hadn't until just recently having seen a show on television about this specific product. At first I wasn't sure what I though, but as I learned more, I honestly thought it was a good product for those looking to trim down and lose some weight. What I liked best about this product is that it's 100% pure all organic material from the Kalahari Desert's Kooroo Region in South Africa and that there are no unhealthy side effects like there are with other types of diet pills you see on television. I definitely think that those two points alone make this product a good idea and worth trying. For those looking to lose weight, and do so in a healthy way, I definitely think that this could be the answer. For the results that you get and the amount of pills you get for your money, it's definitely a good value and something worth looking into. Overall I really think that this is a great product, not only because it's affordable, but most importantly because it's natural and healthy.

Nice Day

It sure turned out to be another beautiful day out there!! I kind of thought it looked like it was going to be cold and cloudy this morning...but now it is warming up and the sun is shining. I really enjoy days like this...especially when we near the months that here in the midwest typically mean snow is on it's way. I like to take advantage of every minute I can enjoying this type of weather, because once the snow hits, it's usually here to stay for months and months!

Dating Sites

I must admit that I used to be a bit skeptical of all the online dating sites out there. I just wasn't sure that it was a way that people should be meeting other people. However, in the past couple of years I've known a number of people who've taken part in these types of sites. Some have had good experiences and others have had not so good experiences. From what I've been told though, overall it's a terrific way to meet people and even form relationships with them. I now am more supportive of this idea of finding an online dating site for those who choose to do it, and think it's great that they are able to find love in new ways...thanks to the great technology that we have nowadays. One site that I recently learned of, that I may share with some of my friends interested in this online dating thing is This seems to be a really great site because they are 100% free and simply want to help you find that special someone. If you're interested in trying out a dating site, or looking for a new one...this may be a good one to start with.


What a great day to be posting. I hadn't had the chance to sit down at the computer much today...but boy am I glad that I did. I often try and make some money online through posting for companies like PPP. I really enjoy days like this when there are a variety of posts to choose from. I like to choose posts that reflect the kind of person that I am the the things I am interested in. It's fun to make money and review the things that you like to talk about.

Police Gear

Growing up I always thought it was cool to have a Dad that was a police officer...and still do! He was involved in all kinds of things with his of which was a tacttical type of team. I always thought it was neat that he was so I feel police officers and those involved on these types of teams have to be! It was really neat when he'd be getting ready to go to work, because he would transform from just being my dad to my dad in a uniform. I don't know if any one else can relate to this...but I always thought this was so cool. His police gear was always just so fascinating to my brothers and I. I recently came across a great site today that sells new police gear and it made me reminisce about this. They offer a wide selection of police gear at great prices. If you're in need of finding something like 5.11 Tactical Pants for instance, please check out their site today.

What a busy day

Do you ever have those kinds of days when you have so much to do that you hardly find a moment to sit down and rest. I am having one of those days today and it's a bit stressful. As much as I know I need to find time to rest, especially with being due with this baby any day now...I can't help but make sure that I get all of the bills done and the chores done around the house. I did manage to take a minute and eat some lunch...but tonight I'm really going to need to make sure that I sit down and relax for a bit. I don't want to lose all of my energy before the baby even arrives.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's sad, but it seems today the word "cancer" is heard way too much!! I remember my mom telling me once that several years ago you barely ever heard the word. If you did, it was known as the "big C" and many thought it was a death sentence. Now we hear it more and more, but with a much more positive outlook. There has been so much done in the medical field to find cures and treatments for different kinds of cancers. It's amazing that so many people are fighting this and moving on with their lives cancer free!! I just think it's wonderful that no matter if you have Mesothelioma cancer, breast cancer, or something else...the future is much brighter now.


Ever since we moved into our new house, Scott and I have lots of ideas of the things we could as far as home improvement projects. We know that it will be many, many years before we are able to do everything...but it's still fun to discuss and talk about every once in a while. We want to do so many things, ranging from smaller things like getting some more contemporary bedroom furniture to some bigger things like siding our house one day!! I guess it will all take time, and that's ok. It's fun to have a house with potential to do the things we want at some point.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Credit Card Comparison

Credit Cards are a great thing for many people to have...especially in a case of an emergency. However, each credit card is different. They all have that fine print that you must read very carefully. Unfortunately, many people fail to do this. They take those offers that they get in the mail and sign up for credit card after credit card. I for one, would encourage anyone looking for a credit card that's right for them, maybe Airline Credit Cards for instance, to look at They are a long running site for online credit card comparison. You will be able to search for cards, compare them and even apply for the ones that are right for you. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, please visit their site today!

Love to read blogs

I don't know about you, but I just love finding new blogs out there on the web to read. So many people blog these days, and it's just so interesting to me to read about the things they write about. It's fun because there's really no one blog that is like any other. It's fun to read those blogs that are more personal too...not just the blogs that only talk about one topic or only do sponsored posts. I enjoy variety and hearing all that people have to say.:)


I really don't want to, but I need to do some more cleaning around the house. Knowing that the baby could come at any time, it really has me wanting to make sure that everything is perfectly clean. I think part of it is just my nesting stage that I'm going through, but I also just like having everything in order. Maybe I'll get Scott to help me with some of this when he gets home from work later. He's always great to help with whatever I need.:) is a great site for those looking for radiators. They are the leading source online for automotive radiators, and have an inventory of over 80,000 parts!! They keep a full stock of Honda and Acura radiators, which is great for those who are needing something quickly. I was not only impressed with the radiators that they had to offer, like an Accord Radiator, but also the site that they have available for their customers. They have many articles and information for people who are looking to learn more about radiators and all that goes along with them. Great for those people who may not be expert mechanics. Take a look at their site and see what you think. I think you'll be very impressed with their wide-selection and great prices.

Needing to relax

I've been so busy with working online and getting things done around the house that I haven't even had the chance to relax and enjoy any of my weekend so far. I think I may have to set aside some time to do this everyone needs some time to take it easy during the week...right!?! I always feel bad sitting around, but I know that I should get my rest now before the baby comes.

Wedding Today

My parents are headed to a wedding this afternoon. I was thinking what a beautiful Fall day it is to have a wedding. The sun is shining and the leaves are turning pretty!! I'm sure it will make for some really great outdoor pictures for the bride and groom. Where we live you never know what the weather will be like this time of year, so I'm glad that they got such a nice day for their wedding! I'm sure they're very pleased.:)

I want a pool...

I don't know about you, but I have always thought it would be pretty cool to have a pool in our yard!! The only problem with that, is that living in the midwest, we don't have many months where a pool would get much use. Those who live in the south though probably would get a lot of use out of having their own personal pool. I know if I lived near Mesa Arizona I would definitely be looking into having a pool built for me by Cameo Pools and their arizona swimming pool contractors. They are the oldest pool company in Mesa, having been around for 30 years. They are known for the quality of pools that they build, and the customer service that they offer. These are things that I would look for when buying a about you? If so, look into them on their site today.

Great Grandparents

It's so cool that soon my parents will become grandparents for the first time and second time. I say that because both my brother's wife and I are expecting our first babies. I love seeing how excited my parents are about becoming grandparents...they can't wait!! I know they'll be such wonderful grandparents...I can't wait for our little one's to meet them:)

For sure only 5 days left...

It's pretty exciting to think that I only have 5 days left for sure until the birth of our little one. I mean, technically my due date is tomorrow...but if the baby does not come by Thursday, then I will be induced. Although this wasn't the way I had planned for things to go...I am really excited that next weekend we will have our little one here at home with us. I CAN'T wait!! It's so exciting. I hope if the baby doesn't come by then that this week goes by super quick.haha

Lapband System

I'm sure by now, many people have heard of Journey Lite. They are a well-known network of surgical facilities that have high skilled professionals who are experienced when it comes to bariatric surgery. They want to give their patients the most safe and least invasive weight-loss surgery out there. That's why many turn to them for the lapband system procedure. This is where surgeons place an inflatable adjustable gastric band around the upper portion of the stomach, helping patients to feel more full and eat less. You can see how this would be a great way to lose weight. If you or someone you know is considering this procedure, check into Journey Lite today.

Cell Phones

I can't imagine where we'd be with out our cell phones, can you?!? I mean, I know we went years and years without them....but now having them I'm not sure how people ever did it. They are so convenient and make it so easy to reach people and for people to reach you. I also am comforted in having mine with me all the time for emergency situations. I know when my husband I had some car troubles this summer, we were sure glad we had our cell phone to call for help. I don't know why, I was just thinking about this today and am so thankful for this invention.

Going through the water

Boy, do we go through the water in a week. We usually go through more than 48 bottles of water in less than two weeks. I think part of it is me being pregnant and making sure that I'm constantly drinking water throughout the day...but I still can't believe how much water we go through!! I've never really sat down and figured it out...but I have a feeling that buying all of that bottled water sure adds up. I don't think i want to know how much we spend on it each month..haha.:)

Beauty School

Are you interested in going to beauty school?? If so, then you should really check into Regency. From what I here, they are the fastest growing beauty school in the country, with almost 30 campuses currently across nine different states!! They've been around for more than 50 years and really know what it takes to get into this profession!! They're not like any of the other beauty schools that I've ever come across. Learn more about their unique approach to cosmetology and the hands-on experience that they offer. You will be thrilled to find all that they have to offer you, as well as their placement ability after you are done with school. Take a look and see what you think...I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Squirrel Food

I was looking out the window today and was noticing that we need to get some more squirrel food. I didn't want to put any out too early in the week, because these squirrels can eat all the corn in a day!! However, I feel bad when I see the squirrels come by throughout the day and see that there is no corn for them. I suppose we better get some more so they start coming back around. It's sure fun to watch them. Nature is so cool!

Halloween Movies

My husband and I were flipping through the channels last night and we noticed all the Halloween movies are starting to be played. We aren't a couple who gets into Halloween much, and we definitely don't get into these spooky, scary Halloween movies. We just kept flipping by them...and were kind of annoyed with all of the channels that were playing them. It made it difficult to find a show that was worth watching. I suppose over the next few days there will be even more movies and shows like this. Probably a good time of year to pull out some of those movies that we still haven't seen in our DVD collection.

Martin Worldwide

Martin Worldwide is a leader in the direct marketing industry. They offer great mailing list products and the opportunity to buy lists, as well as a well-known product, ResponseCom. This is a product that was created after decades of tracking and compiling data to make sure that it was the best product for it's clients. This product is a multi-dimensional and versatile database, and a mix between the US Response and the US Consumer databases. From what I've learned about ResponseCom so far, I am very impressed with all they have to offer. Clients who use it are getting higher response rates, more business opportunities and profitability. Learn more about this product and Martin Worldwide on their site today.

Bill Time

As much as I dread doing bill's, I'm thinking I should get them done this the baby could literally come any day now!! I don't have many to do, but it's still important that I get it done before the baby comes. It will be one less thing that I have to worry about then and it will be done and taken care of! I think I may do that this afternoon if I find the time...either that, or tomorrow afternoon. We'll see how the day goes.

Scott's Working....Again

Although Scott really enjoys this time of year because he gets to work in the field and make some great bonuses before the end of the year comes around...I always feel bad for him when he has to work 6 and 7 days a week. He handles it pretty well though, and is actually getting used to the early hours and the long weeks. I just feel bad and wish that he had more time to spend at home during this Fall season. Oh well I guess....the sooner they get out there and get things done, the sooner the busy season will be over and he can spend lots of time at home again.

Gold Coins

Through Monex Deposit Company, people can buy gold coins, silver coins and other precious metals for investment purposes. Monex has been around for over 30 years and is known for their speedy delivery of the items you purchase. They will deliver it to a safe storage facility, or to you personally. Either way, you know you're dealing with the best when you choose Monex Deposit Company. I say this because they are America's gold, silver and precious metals investment leader. If you'd like to learn more about Monex Deposit Company and how you can go about getting your own precious metals and coins...I urge you to take a look at their site today.

November Babies??

It's kind of weird, because both my sister-in-law and I thought we would probably be having October babies. Her baby is due today and mine is due tomorrow. I guess we kind of thought our babies could be born after their due date, but never considered the fact that they could be November babies instead. That's fine if they's just weird to think about. I'm just excited that the time is nearing and soon we'll have our babies here with us!!

Due Dates

It's crazy to think that the time has come for these babies in our family to be born. My sister-in-law is actually due today and my due date is tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly time has gone. Although we both kind of figured that we would go past our due dates seeing how this is our first pregnancy, we were both still hopeful that we might possibly go on our due dates. It's not looking like that's going to happen...but who knows...the babies could come any time now. We'll just have to wait and see when they're ready.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Truck Bedliner

If you have a truck and are interested in protecting it...then you should look into getting a STK Line-A-Bed truck bedliner. These things are amazing!! They help to protect your truck with their skid resistant technology. They're really easy to use also because they are a "drop in" design that fits perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Check out these durable, high density bedliners today!! Take a look at for all your needs when it comes to the STK Line-A-Bed won't be sorry you did, because here is where you'll find the best deal and the best service!

Where does the day go?

My days just fly by!! It seems that by the time I get the cleaning and work that I need get done on the computer...It's just about time for Scott to come home from work. I don't know where the hours go!! It just baffles my mind how quickly it goes. I never feel like there is enough time in a day to get everything done. I am comforted to know though that I'm not the only one that feels this way. It seems that there are so many people out there who are so busy and just want time to slow down a bit.

My Ring

When I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant, my fingers began to swell a bit. Because of this, I have not been able to wear my wedding ring. Although I know it's only temporary...I just hate not having it on. It's weird, but I don't feel right now wearing it. My hubby always has his on, and I miss not being able to wear mine too. My mom had a ring that was big enough to fit on her middle finger, so she has been letting me wear that through out these past weeks so that I don't feel absolutely naked without a ring on my finger. I'm glad she had this ring...because I couldn't imagine not wearing anything on that finger.


It seems that summer time can have it's pros and cons. I mean, who doesn't love the warm weather right?!? Well, the warm weather is nice...but not so nice for some of those appliances in our homes that work so hard to keep things Kenmore Refrigerators and air conditioners. These types of appliances work overtime trying to keep things cool when the temperatures get so warm during the summer months. This in fact is the reason why many refrigerators give out and need to be replaced. A fridge is a necessity, and something that needs to be replaced quickly if it happens to break down. I for one am comforted to know that Krillion's Localization Engine makes it easy for us to find a fridge quickly and locally. If you are in need of finding a high price item like this....please check out their site today.

Junk Mail!!

I don't know about you, but having an e-mail has it's cons. I mean, don't get me wrong...I can't imagine not having an e-mail. It's the absolute best way to stay in touch with people these days!! The thing I don't like about them is that e-mail accounts always seem to get taken over by junk mail...mine do anyways. I can go to bed one night having all my messages read, and then in the morning...I might have 20 e-mails that are all junk!! I try and block them and have them filtered to the trash...but it seems that there's always more to come!! GRRR...

Getting Older

I remember when I was young every birthday was a huge thing to me!! I mean, it was great to be a year older each year!! It seems like once you hit 18 though, birthdays seem to become less and less important. In fact, sometimes I have to think about how old I's not even that easy to remember.haha It's not that I don't enjoy my birthday's, I guess it's just not the same as when you're young. Can anyone else relate to this??

World Series

I don't know about you, but it's been the talk of the month with the World Series upon us. My husband is a sports nut!! He would love to get some tickets to see a game in the World Series, but we have found that world series tickets to a game this big are sold out right away!! I know it kind of bummed him it would have been a lot of fun to see it in person and not on the television, but we didn't know where to go to get tickets. Well, that is until now. Now we know that is offering the world's largest selection of premium seating to sold out events like the World Series. I am going to look further into this and so should you!!


Not long ago we got a squirrel feeder for a tree in our front yard. I enjoy watching squirrels outside so much, that I thought this would be a fun way to attract more to our yard. I do really like it, but I never realized how much they eat!! Wow!!! We had three things of corn and within a couple weeks the corn was all gone!! We haven't put another one out for a while, because the corn disappears more and more quickly. I'm sure we will soon though, as I'm missing not seeing the squirrels come around as often.


Staying at home has really caused me to lose track of the days. I find that every day feels the same to I am typically cleaning and working on the computer. The only time that a day feels different is when Scott is home on the weekends and we have some time to spend together. Otherwise, every day feels like a Monday. However, I was thinking today about how today is Fridays. I get very excited when Friday comes, because that means the weekend is around the corner...and you guessed it...I get to spend time with my hubby!! I just love Fridays!


Lowery's has offices in the UK, Northhampton and also Kissimmee, Florida. They are known for their sales and rental of property in Florida. What they noticed about Florida, was that there were a lot of sites out there about the things it offered, but almost too many for someone to get a really good idea of the things they could do there. That's why Lowery's created a site that brought all of the important information for tourists together on one site. Now you just have to go to for all of your needs when it comes to looking for a Villa in Orlando. Learn more by visiting their site today!


I've really enjoyed getting into this whole blogging thing. At first I just started it as a way to get my thoughts out there about what was going on in my life. After a while, I began to feel that I could do much more with my blog and started to do some reviews and things on products that I thought were important. My blog is not only a way for me to keep people involved in what's going on in my life, but it's also been a great source of extra cash flow for us. Here and there I'm able to make some money doing some advertising for those companies that want honest reviews. I've really enjoyed this and hope to continue for a very long time!

Staying Home

I don't know about you, but I always knew from the time I was younger that I wanted to stay home with my children when they were young. I know there are differing opinions on this subject, but for me it was not a question. Even if I had to make sacrifices and not have everything that I would like...I was going to stay home with my kids. Well, the time has come when my hubby and I are expecting our first baby. And, of course, I am choosing to stay home.:) We have made it work and I'm so happy that he supports and agrees with me staying home. We both feel strongly that a child is so impressionable at the young ages especially, and that we want to be the ones raising them and teaching them...not complete strangers!

Hallandale Beach

If you're looking for a great Condo in Hallandale Beach, then you should definitely check out Beach Club. This is the luxurious condominiums that anyone would love!! It has a great location, right there on the ocean with views that are just amazing overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. They have top of the line amenities and are located close to the Diplomat Resort, Bel Harbour Shops, and a nightlife that many would enjoy. There are actually three luxury condos to choose from here at the Beach Club. Take a look at their site to learn more about each one and see if The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach is something you'd be interested in!!


It's kind of weird how so many of my friends are kind of in the same place I am in life right now. Now that we're all out of college we've all kind of taken the same path. We have found jobs, gotten married...and many of us are now having babies. It's kind of fun to have people who are going through the same things as you are...I've really enjoyed it anyways. I guess that's how it goes though. Most of us go to college, find that perfect someone, get married have a family and find the job that we've always wanted. It's so nice to be living our lives this way...I love it!


Lately it's seemed colder in our house than it has outside!! I don't know why this is, but it's really not fun to be in a house that's so cold all the time. I haven't really wanted to turn on the heat all that much, because I know that outside it's not that cold...upper 60's I think. This morning I finally gave in and turned on the heat. Once it warmed up I turned it back off I could tell I was then going to get way too warm. It feels perfect in here now that the cold is gone. Hopefully it stays that way?!


I have to say one of my all time favorite places to go on vacation is Orlando Florida. Someday my husband and I would really like to take our family there. I told him though, that it's going to be really important that when we do that we make sure to plan everything out. I mean, there are so many Orlando Hotels and so many theme parks...we need to decide what's going to suit our needs and interests best. I think when the time comes to plan a vacation to Orlando again we're going to take advantage of and the discounts they have to offer. If you're headed south as well...make sure to check out this site and see how they can help you save money and plan.

Can't Sleep

I'm sure it's common at the end of pregnancy...but I sure haven't been sleeping well lately. Between the baby's weight pressing on my ribs every way that I lay, and the fact that I'm always getting up to use the seems that I only get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. I know that in a way this is probably good and helping to prepare me for when the baby arrives. It's just hard because then I feel kind of yucky the next day. I'm trying to take it easy and rest up as much as I can, because I know that I will need my energy here in the next week.

It went great!

When I walked into my doctor's appointment yesterday, I really didn't know what to expect. I due date is Sunday (two days away) and I didn't know what the doctor was going to tell me. I wasn't sure if she'd just have me make another appointment next week...or if she'd tell me it looks like I'm about ready to have this baby. To my surprise...she thought the baby is getting closer and closer to being ready. She said that she doesn't like her patients to go over 41 weeks and if I don't have the baby by next thursday then I'm going in for an induction. Although this isn't really the route that I would choose to go...her reasoning made sense and I'm more than ready to meet this baby. We know everything will go just perfectly.:)

Miami Heat Tickets

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What tree is that?

I wish that I knew more about trees and what kinds they were. The reason I say this is because this time of year I can't help but look at the trees that are changing colors. I often wonder what kind of tree they are, because many of them have their own unique look...especially as their leaves begin to change. In our neighborhood it seems that we have a lot of different trees around. Some of them have leaves that are bright red, while others have leaves that are dark read, all yellow, or a mix of all of these colors. I can't say that I really enjoy the winters we have in the midwest here...but I sure do love the beauty of Fall!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


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Yeah for Blogging!

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What's for supper?!?

What to have for supper?? This seems like a question that I ask myself a lot these days. We have things around the house to make supper, but I just never know what sounds good?!? Sometimes I feel like pastas and things like that, while other times I feel like soups. Hmmm....I may have to ask Scott on this one tonight...I'm just not sure what I'm in the mood for. Maybe he'll have some good ideas?!? :)

Concrete Garages

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Nice Day!

It turned out to be such a beautiful day out today. I thought when I woke up this morning that it was going to be bitter cold...but as the day went on, the sun started to appear and it really warmed up. I'm sure Scott is just loving this weather, as he's been able to get a lot done at work. He was wanting to get as much done as possible before our little one arrives, so this worked out perfectly for him!! Hopefully the rest of this week/weekend will be nice too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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Another Appointment

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment and am looking forward to it as usual. Typically, the Dr's office is not where I like to be...but when it comes to my pregnancy and the baby...I just love going. The best part is getting to hear the baby's heartbeat and talk with the Dr about the progression of my pregnancy. Now that we're down to a matter of 4 days until the due date, I'm especially excited as our baby's arrival is nearing!! I'll let you all know how it goes after I'm back from the appointment tomorrow afternoon!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Make Money Online

I know I should be finding something to eat for lunch soon...but every time that I think I'm done with some work on the computer, I just keep getting more to do. I love posting and making money online, but sometimes it consumes my entire day!! I guess that's ok though. Soon, I will have the little baby here with me and then I may not get as much time to work online for a while. I am going to take advantage of every chance I get to make some extra money here and there!!


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Not as hungry..

For some reason, I haven't been as hungry least not at the normal times of the day. It used to be that I needed breakfast right when I woke up, and then I'd be hungry for lunch at noon and supper around 6. Now, I eat breakfast in the morning like I always did, but then am not hungry for lunch until 1-2 or so. I don't even eat much in between meals, so I'm not sure what's going on. I guess that's ok though.. I don't need to be eating all the time, right??! :)


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Nothing Yet....

Well, we're still waiting for our little one to arrive. I guess I really didn't expect him/her to come early, as this is our first pregnancy...however there's always wishful thinking.:) I suppose he/she will come when they're ready. All I know, is that this little one is beginning to feel more and more heavy with each day that passes. Not only that, but they sure have slowed down a lot....moving mainly at night and not as much during the day. I think they are just running out of room and ready to come out very soon!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Talent Rock

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I can't wait!!

Well, my birthday has already come and, where do the days go?!?! I had a great day, but it as always, it goes by way too quickly!! Scott and I are now just anxiously awaiting our baby's arrival. He/she is due in less than a week, so we're hoping that sometime this week we'll be able to share the news of the birth of our son/daughter. We're so excited and just can't wait to meet him/her!!:)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Digital Cameras

Where would we be without digital cameras?? It's been so long since we had anything but a digital camera that I don't even remember what it was like to have anything different. All I know is that digital cameras make taking pictures and making memories so much more enjoyable and easy. No more going to the photo shop to get film developed. Now we can choose which pictures we want and which we don't....and simply print them off at home if we like. What a great thing it is to have a digital camera!!


I don't know about you, but I am someone who really enjoys music. I tend to listen to Contemporary Christian and Country music the most, but I like a variety as well. I've never really gotten into Van Halen music, but I'm sure there are many out there who love this type of music. Maybe some of you have even heard of the Van Halen tour?!? It's always great to know the schedule of concerts when it comes to your favorite singers...then you can get tickets in advance. It's been SOOO long since I've been to a concert...hopefully I'll get to go to one again in the near future.

Another weekend off!!

I'm really happy because Scott has the weekend off!! That's been happening a lot due to the rain, which is really nice. I'm especially happy about it since tomorrow is my birthday and I am looking forward to getting to spend time with him as well as my parents!! This morning he had to run over to his dad's to help him with some farm work, but he will only be gone a short while. He's going to come home early and get some things done around the house and then spend some time with me. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dr Gustafson

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More Rain?!?

Today started out to be a much sunnier day than most that we've seen around here lately. But, as they day continues, the clouds are rolling in and the skies are dark. I have a feeling we could get more rain tonight. That's ok long as it's not snow, that's fine with me.:) I'm not a winter the longer we can hold of the bitter cold and snow...the better!!


I am the type of person who loves going into hobby shops. They just have so much, a such a variety for people to choose from. The last hobby shop I was in, they had everything from paper, to crafts, to rock tumblers! You name it, they probably had it. We have a really unique hobby shop here in town. I haven't ever been to that one, but would love to go sometime. It's supposed to be quite the store.

Projects at Home

Now that we're all moved into our new home, we have been discussing some of the projects that we'd like to do in our basement over the years. One big project is to turn one of the rooms into a family room. Although this may take some work, we're very excited that we have the potential to do this with the space in the basement. One of the things we will need when we begin setting up a family room down there, is a new tv stand. I think I will leave the tv stands shopping up to my husband though...he's much better at choosing things like that than I am.

Grandpa and Grammy

My parents are about to become Grandparents for the first time. Not only once, but twice! My brother and his wife are also expecting their first baby due just a day before us. My parents couldn't be more excited, which I think is great! They will be such great Grandparents....loving, wonderful role models, fun...I could go on and on! In planning for the arrival of two grandbabies, they have had a lot of fun stocking up on a bunch of fun toys that the kids will be able to play with when they get a little older. Their basement is beginning to remind me of what it looked like when I was young...with all the fun toys down there just ready to be played with.:) The kids will absolutely love going to Grandpa and Grammy's house...that's for sure!!

Online Shopping

Are you someone who enjoys shopping? I know I am!! I really enjoy shopping, but could do without all the people and the long lines. That's why I've begun to shop more online. I really think it's great how shopping online has become so easy and it makes it so much less stressful then going out from store to store. I also enjoy using online coupons from This is a great site that helps you to save money while shopping online by use of online Coupons. Who wouldn't want to save money while shopping?! I know I do!! I really like how this site is so easy to use. It's layout is great, making it easy for me to find the BabyCenter Coupons, Gap Coupons, and so much more!! I know I'm getting the most recent deals with, because they update their site daily. If you'd like to start saving money while shopping online, then I urge you to take a look at this site today!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Relaxing Sunday

On Sunday's Scott and I usually try and take it easy. I mean, we always have things to get done around the house and stuff, but for the most part we just enjoy spending the day together and enjoying each other's company. I am not a big football fan though, so during this time of year, when Scott is into his football games, I am often finding other things to do...usually having to do with the baby (like the baby book, etc). It's still nice to have the day to spend together though!! We both really enjoy that.


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As the arrival of our little one nears, Scott and I are finally feeling like we have most everything that we will need. For a while there I was feeling a little bit anxious and didn't know if we had everything we would need to bring a baby home. Now, after having had our wonderful baby shower and great parents who also help us prepare a bit more, we feel like everything is perfect and ready for the baby to come home. It's such a good feeling!!

Baby Movements

As my pregnancy comes to an end, I kind of thought that the baby would be too big to move around as much as he/she was in the beginning. I know that some women experience a little less frequency in the movement of their baby as the due date approaches, but that is not the case with me. Our baby is so active in the morning and at night...and moves consistently throughout the day as well. It's fun to feel him/her move, but the movements are becoming more and more powerful with each passing week, causing a little more discomfort than before. Oh well...I wouldn't trade it for anything. Feeling our baby move is such a neat experience...I love it!!


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So nice...

It's really nice having Scott around. When he's working during the week I really start to miss him. I didn't think about it much when he and I were both working...but now that I am home and he's at work, I miss him when he's not around. At least I get to see him every night, and it's not a job where he travels or is gone a lot. I enjoy the weekends, like today, when he's able to be home too. He's such a good help, and is always willing to help me with anything that needs to be done around the house.


Scott and I moved here last February. One of our first priorities was to find a church that we wanted to attend. We have only attended one up here, and for the most part really enjoy it!! It seems to have a younger congregation, wonderful worship, a pastor who does a great job teaching the Word and what it truly means to be a Christian, and the opportunities to get connected are endless!! It's really a great place!


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Gloomy Day

Although it's nice that it rained so Scott could go to church with me, it's quite the gloomy day out there. It's just really dark and dreary. It's one of those days when staying inside and curling up with a blanket on the couch sounds like a great thing to do. It's pretty cold out too, which doesn't make it pleasant to even walk outside to the car. Oh well...rain is better than snow I guess, right?!?:)

Another Rainy Sunday

Scott was saying last night that he was hoping it would rain today so that he'd be able to go to church with me. This time of year, when it's not raining, he's usually out working before the snow comes. Thankfully, for about the past month, it's rained every weekend, including today, so he's been able to go with me to church. He misses it when he's unable to go so it's been really great having him there with me!!

Orlando, Florida

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Yeah for Opps!!

I couldn't believe it!! Last night I got onto Blogitive's website and there was one opportunity after the next. It had been a while since I had taken any opps from Blogitive, so to get on there and find many was quite a treat!! I always like having a really good day when posts come pouring in. Doing them takes me a while when I take so many, but it's so worth it!! What a blessing to have such a great company to blog for and make some extra money!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Have you ever been to Spain before? If not, have you ever wanted to go? I know I have!! I think it would be great to visit two of Spain's major cities actually....Barcelona and Madrid would be wonderful places to vacation. With our new little baby on the way, I don't for see travel in our near future, but if we would ever get the chance, I know that Cheaperthanhotels is a great site that makes it easy to book last minute accommodations at hotels in Barcelona and hotels in Madrid.

I think both cities would be so great to visit, as they offer so much for the tourist who has never been before. You will find bullfighting, architecture, museums, great shopping, dining, and a great nightlife. All of these things make these two cities very appealing to me, as they're not thing that I have really ever been exposed to in any other travel that I've done. If you like the sounds of these cities as well...then I recommend you look into visiting them and finding Hoteles en Barcelona or Madrid.

Third Trimester

I'm sure many women who have ever been pregnant can relate to the aches and pains of the third trimester. I mean, throughout pregnancy there's aches and pains, but the third trimester is probably when it becomes the most uncomfortable. It's harder to get from one place to another and to just do everyday things around the house. Overall I'm feeling pretty good....but just having a harder time sleeping, some headaches, and just feeling kind of sluggish lately. I just can't wait for the baby's arrival in just a couple of weeks!!

Lose Weight!

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Not so bad

Well, Scott finally started to get a little more busy with work this week. It's nothing like in the spring though. The reason being is because it gets dark so much earlier this time of year so he gets home much earlier compared to the busy season in the Spring time. It's been nice that he's been able to get out there and much of the work done that he needs to, while still getting home and getting to spend some time here. I was thinking this was going to be a very busy time of year...but it's turning out to be ok.:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Popcorn Craving

Since I've been pregnant, I find that I get the oddest cravings at times. Typically I crave things like fruit and chocolate...but for some reason, lately I've been wanting popcorn!! We buy the little microwavable popcorn bags, but with as much popcorn as I've been hungry for lately, it's getting to be quite spendy. I'd like to find a good popcorn machine instead of having to buy microwavable popcorn. Even though my pregnancy is almost to the end, I still think a popcorn machine would be a very nice thing to have in the house.

Cell Phones

I don't know about you, but it's very frustrating to lose a call when talking on my cell phone. It doesn't happen too often thankfully, as I am usually home or near my home most of the time. However, when I am out and about, shopping in some big store like Walmart or something, I typically have a hard time holding onto a call and getting good reception. I really wish that stores like this would get a cell phone booster to help make sure that they're customers are able to take calls when needed.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


As I've written many times on this blog before...I LOVE jewelry!! I am so lucky to have a husband who loves buying jewelry as much as I love wearing it!!:) He's so good at picking out the perfect thing each time. I usually don't even have to tell him what I like or want...he'll typically surprise me with something that's just beautiful and perfect!! I'm even starting to get into the designer inspired jewelry a little bit. I like it because it's different and unique. I may have to show my husband some of this kind of jewelry and see what he thinks.

Baby Site

My husband and I are expecting our first baby within just a few short weeks. Having never had any children before, we love reading reviews and hearing people's opinions on different things stores, gear, services etc. How about you? Is this something you enjoy as well? If so, then you'll like as much as i do. I was so happy to find a site like this. They are baby store that offers REAL parent reviews on different baby stores in your area, baby gear, services, products, activities and more! I was really impressed with all this site had to offer. You can search for things like pediatricians, supplies, and more! Take a look and see what you think today.

Eventful Weekend

So far we've had a pretty fun and eventful weekend. My parents came up last night and took us out for Pizza. It's always nice to get to see them. :) They came up because they had to drop off their dog Zoe. We're dogsitting Zoe for the week and I"m very excited!! I just love having her around for company!! Mom and Dad were planning on going back home last night, but Scott was helping my mom with her phone and was getting pretty late. They decided to stay and went home this morning.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Reading Tutors

Have you ever heard of Score Learning Centers before? I sure have, and I tell everyone I know about how wonderful they are. They have such a great program set up to help young children make academic progress in school. I think it's great how they have all kinds of Reading Tutors and math tutors to help children. I'm all for an environment that makes learning fun for children, because it helps to make it more meaningful to them when they understand and enjoy it. That's why I definitely will be turning to Score for help with my children if they need it in the future.

Baby Shopping

Last night Scott and I went to Walmart and got some more of the things we will need for the baby when he/she arrives. It was so much fun shopping for baby stuff...we are just so excited to meet our little one!! The nursery is looking more and more full with every passing day! I can't believe that soon we'll have our child here with's such a fun time!


I know my kids will be school age before I know it. That's why I'm looking into different programs that I know will be able to help them academically if they need it. I am specifically interested with Score Learning Centers, as they have a great program set up to help students make progress. They have an Innovative Tutor that helps to make learning meaningful and fun for kids which I think is really important. If you have a child who could use some extra help, take a look at Score today.


It's getting to that point where I know we need to go get some groceries. I have been trying to figure out what we can have for supper, but just can't come up with anything because the cupboards and fridge are pretty much bare. I'm thinking tonight might be the night that we have to go and get some groceries. I don't mind it too much, but sometimes it gets rather late when scott has to work.


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25 days and counting....

Well, the countdown continues...only 25 days left until the arrival of our little one! I can't believe how quickly time is coming!! We've been waiting 9 months to finally meet our bundle of joy, and in just a few short weeks we will! We are just so excited and can't wait!! What an exciting time...not only for Scott and I, but also my brother and his wife who are expecting the day before us!!

Much Nicer

Well today is turning out to be a much nicer day than we had yesterday. Yesterday all it did was rain the entire time! Today we woke up and the sun was shining and the skies were blue! It's a little cool out, but at least it's not raining!! Hopefully this kind of weather will make it easier for Scott to get out in the field and get some work done now. We'll see I guess.


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

3D Ultrasounds

A friend of mine sent me some of her ultrasound pics the other day. At the hospital where she's receiving her prenatal care, they do 3D ultrasounds. It was so neat to see the 3D pics that she share with me. I could totally see the baby and what he/she looked like. We never had the opportunity to get a 3D ultrasound done...but from the sounds and looks of it...they are really quite something!

Thank Yous

I've been working on doing my Thank yous from the baby shower this weekend, and it's been so much fun!! I just love writing everyone and thanking them for come to the shower and for the gifts that they brought for the baby. I got about half of them done yesterday, so I'm hoping I can get most of the rest done today.

Computer Security

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Tonight when Scott gets home from work, I think we're going to go out and buy some of the things that we still need for the baby. Thankfully it's not too much, just odds and ends things that we will need when the baby arrives. We're actually looking forward to shopping for the baby has become more fun than any shopping we could do for ourselves. I imagine it will get even more fun once we know whether it's a girl or a boy!!:)

More Movements

Scott and I are really enjoying lots of things about me being pregnant. One of the most fun things for both of us is watching and feeling our baby move. Especially now that he/she is getting bigger, we can really see all of his/her turning and kicking movements. Last night the baby was being pretty active, which typically happens during that time of day especially. Scott and I were laying on the couch together watching television, and all of sudden Scott felt a kick to his side. We both were just laughing...the baby was kicking in that direction and was kicking hard enough for Scott to feel it.:) It was pretty neat.

Allegro Medical

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26 days!

I was just talking with Scott yesterday and we realized that we have 26 days until our baby's due date!! We can't believe how quickly the past 9 months have gone...and soon we'll get to meet our little one. It's pretty exciting, because we chose to be surprised about the sex of the baby. So we're really looking forward to knowing if we're having a son or a daughter. It's just been so much fun guessing and hearing what other people think. We'll find out in a few short weeks. :)

Cool Weather

I am just amazed how cool it's been outside lately. I know it's Fall, which means the weather does cool off a bit, but it's actually been getting cool enough where the windows can be opened during the day and night if we want. I really enjoy the times when we can open our windows...the only thing that I don't like are when the gnats or those little black bugs are out. They find their way through the screens and then they're everywhere. For this reason, we typically don't open our windows, unless of course it's cool enough and the bugs are in hiding.

Lovers Planet

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Wireless Internet

I don't know about you, but I think having a wireless router in the house is just great!! I'm not sure how many people out there have a wireless router, but I can't imagine having it any other way. Last night I realized how much I enjoyed it, when Scott was on our laptop in the living room checking his mail and I really needed to get on the computer. I was able to get on our desktop at the same time. It's nice that we both can be on the computer at the same time...especially the one using the wireless internet, because the laptop can be taken anywhere in the house! I've worked on it in the living room, the bedroom, even the kitchen before.