Friday, October 12, 2007


Have you ever been to Spain before? If not, have you ever wanted to go? I know I have!! I think it would be great to visit two of Spain's major cities actually....Barcelona and Madrid would be wonderful places to vacation. With our new little baby on the way, I don't for see travel in our near future, but if we would ever get the chance, I know that Cheaperthanhotels is a great site that makes it easy to book last minute accommodations at hotels in Barcelona and hotels in Madrid.

I think both cities would be so great to visit, as they offer so much for the tourist who has never been before. You will find bullfighting, architecture, museums, great shopping, dining, and a great nightlife. All of these things make these two cities very appealing to me, as they're not thing that I have really ever been exposed to in any other travel that I've done. If you like the sounds of these cities as well...then I recommend you look into visiting them and finding Hoteles en Barcelona or Madrid.