Friday, August 28, 2009

Karisma Hotels

It's been such a long time since Scott and I were able to go on a vacation together.
We would love to go on one sometime in the near future if at all possible. When looking into possible destination options, we came across Karisma. The Karisma Hotels are a collection of properties on the beaches of the beautiful Mexican Riviera Maya. This resort looks so great and the things they offers sound amazing as well. They offer a new gourmet-inclusive concept, particularly great for those who love food like we do! I think this is my favorite part of the whole place. They also have elite service and a truly relaxing environment with many classy accommodations. When the time comes for us to look more seriously into a vacation spot...Karisma will definitely be on the top of our list. I think with a place as beautiful as this, people could definitely look into destination weddings here. It's beautiful, relaxing...what more could you ask for?!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scott's Birthday

Today is my hubby's birthday!! He's such a great husband and Daddy...we love him very much!! I feel bad that he has to work on his birthday, and it's going to be a longer day than usual for him besides. Hopefully he'll still have a great day and hear from all the family members wishing him a happy birthday. Maybe we can do something fun this weekend as a family to celebrate?! I know on Saturday we're seeing hi dad to celebrate and we already celebrated with my family and his maybe he and I, and Kaelyn can go do something.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Garage Sale

This weekend we had our garage sale. I was a little nervous how it would turn out and if it would actually be worth the amount of time put into it. Thankfully it went great and much better than expected. We had an entire garage and driveway full of stuff, and ended up ended up with only two tubs left of things that we'll take to the Salvation Army. It is nice to be able to sell our things to other people who can use them, while giving us some much needed space in our spare room at the same time. I'm so glad it went well.