Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Weekend!!

What a great weekend! It was so nice to have Scott home for three days with us. We didn't start out with any plans...but turns out it was a fun-filled and busy weekend!! Friday we decided to get the house cleaned so that we could enjoy the rest of the weekend without having to worry about doing chores. Scott surprised me and brought home the movie Marley & Me...so after Kaelyn went to bed we had a movie date night. I had seen the movie before...but it was just as good the second time.

Saturday we woke up to a somewhat dreary day...the rain was falling and the sky was gray. We decided that since we probably wouldn't be able to spend much time outdoors...we'd take a trip to the cities to the Mall of America and visit the Underwater Adventures Aquarium. Kaelyn LOVES fish...especially Nemo lately :), so we knew she'd absolutely love it. We headed up there after lunch and spent the rest of the day there. It was great! Kaelyn loved all the fish...especially the tank with all the fish like the ones from Finding Nemo...that was her favorite! I enjoyed a fun day away with Scott and Kaelyn...we don't do those types of things very often.

Sunday we went to church, then had a wedding reception for Scott's cousing to go to that evening. It was fun to visit with his family and let Kaelyn run around the huge yard at the church! Before the reception Scott painted Kaelyn's nails. :) We had never painted her nails before and it turned out very cute! :) She really liked it too. She walks around look at her toes all day long!

As of Sunday morning we still didn't have much planned for Memorial Day except for hanging out at home and relaxing. Each of our parents ended up inviting us over though...so we got to go spend the afternoon with Scott's Dad and step mom and then the evening with my parents! It was wonderful! Scott's Dad lives on a farm and Kaelyn had never had the chance to run around their huge yard until Monday. She LOVED it! So much in fact that she didn't want to come inside. We had a great time with my parents as well. My Grandparents were there too which was fun. We ate so much yummy food throughout the day and came home full and tired from a very fun day!

I am glad our weekend turned from a relaxing one at home to a busy one with family. Although time at home is nice...I always enjoy getting to spend time with family too! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today we got to visit the doctor and see our little baby on the ultrasound for the first time. It was so great! I'm almost 12 weeks along so it was neat to actually see this little baby that I'm carrying inside of me. He/she seemed to be doing well. Heart rate was great and measuring right on target. It's good to hear all that stuff. I have another appointment in June where they'll let me listen to the heart rate again. I can't wait. This pregnancy already feels like it's going by quite quickly. Hopefully it continues that way!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monex Deposit Company

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Beautiful Day

What a nice day today. It's so beautiful out. We probably would have spent more time outside today working on the yard and andscaping if it weren't for a bridal shower that we had to go to. We had fun though...I'm glad I went. We're going to have supper with my parents and then go visit Scott's mom. Maybe this evening we'll go out for a while...it's too nice not to.

Great Hubby

I have the best husband! I haven't been feeling the greatest lately....so my hubby has been busy keeping the house clean and getting meals ready. I try to help when I can....but when you're not feeling good it can be difficult. He's good just to take over whatever needs to be done. He's great! I couldn't ask for a better guy. I'm truly blessed! Kaelyn is lucky to have such a great daddy.

All Inclusive Vacation

I could sure use a vacation. It's been a long winter, and although the weather is getting warmer...it can't get warmer fast enough! I was looking into the Karisma Hotels....located on the beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya and was very impressed! I not only could appreciate their unique Gourmet-Inclusive concept....but also their elite level of service and luxurious accommodations. I mean who wouldn't like snap to service, beach beds, bar swings, and swim up rooms, right?! If you're looking for an all inclusive vacation packages vacation where everything is included in one price and you can just relax....this might be just the place for you!

Cluttered House

How does our house get so messy?? It seems like we clean it one minute, and the next it's a mess again. I think it has something to do with Kaelyn. :) Toddlers are very busy and into a lot of things. It's fun though....I wouldn't have it any other way! It just makes it hard sometimes to have clutter since our house is on the market and we're having showings every now and then. Oh well...what can you do?!

Great Giveaway

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