Monday, February 2, 2009

Find New and Unlocked Cell Phones

When Scott started his new job...he found that although he would have his cell phone plan paid for, he would have to provide the cell phone. That was ok with him, as he's always had a love for cell phones and knows exactly which one he wants. Unfortunately the one he wants is a little bit more expensive than we would like, so he's been saving over the past few months. He's been looking around and found some of the best deals over at the Gadget Circle website. Have you ever checked it out before??

Gadget Circle is a site which offers new and unlocked cell phones for great prices. I checked it out and really like the user friendliness of the site as well as the ease of navigation. The categories are listed along the left column, so finding what you're looking for really takes no time at all. For instance, Scott knew that he was interesting in looking through the brand new and unlocked blackberry phones offered, so he simply clicked on the Blackberry category and found everything he needed. He's quite the cell phone savvy guy....and he will attest that this is a site worth checking out!